NWGA Scanner | November 9th, 2022

17-year-old arrested multiple times after shoplifting and obstructing Dalton Police officers

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On October 11th, 2022, at 3:29 PM, Officer Black responded to 632 Frazier Drive regarding shoplifting that occurred at Frazier Tobacco. According to the report, “Dispatch advised that the caller was chasing the two shoplifters on foot. Dispatch advised the two suspects were two black females running behind the Underwood Lodge.” Detective Williams located the two suspects on Shady Lane and advised over the radio that the suspects were fleeing toward the dead end of Shady Lane. Officer Black reported, “[I] arrived on scene and observed the two females coming from the opposite direction of the dead end. [I] observed the suspects immediately sit on the curb of the street when they noticed my patrol car driving towards them.” The two suspects did not speak and would not provide identification to the officers. The two suspects would look at each other and laugh out loud in front of the officers. Detective Williams advised to go ahead and place both suspects in custody. Detective Williams stated when he made contact with them, he produced his Dalton Police Department badge and advised them that he was a Dalton Police Officer. Detective Williams stated the two suspects ignored his lawful commands and immediately took off running. The sister of one of the suspects arrived on the scene and was able to identify one suspect as a juvenile. The juvenile’s father was advised that she was being cited for obstruction due to her fleeing from an officer on foot and also shoplifting because she was in possession of a vape pen that was stolen from Frazier Tobacco. Detective Williams was able to get the other suspect identified as Shaasia Kennebrew, 17, of Dalton, after multiple attempts where she would refuse to provide her name and birthday. Detective Williams advised she had a lengthy arrest record already. Officers confirmed she was 17 and could be charged as an adult. The victim stated Shaasia and the juvenile were both in the store together when Shaasia went to the front counter of the store and asked to purchase two vape pens valued at $59.99. When they asked Shaasia for her ID, and that’s when Shaasia laughed and ran out of the store with them. Shaasia was transported to the Whitfield County Jail and charged with obstructing and shoplifting.
According to another Dalton Police Department incident report, On October 19th, 2022, at 2:20 AM, Officer Marcus was contacted by a woman who stated that her two daughters were hanging out with a girl subject at her house. She stated that the girls left toward the community center and that she wished for the girl, later identified as Shaasia Kennabrew, to be banned from her house and property. Officer Marcus located the female juveniles at the community center, 218 North Frederick Street. Officer Marcus reported, “As [I] approached the females, Shaasia and the others took off running. [I] gave several verbal directives for them to return. Finally, the two females returned. [I] attempted to identify the females. The females refused to give me their names or date of birth. [I] explained to them that they were out past curfew, that they were loitering, and that they needed to comply with my investigation. The females kept telling me that they did not have to identify themselves and kept cursing at me. At this time, Shaasia told one of the other girls that she was about to just leave because [I] “Did not have s*** on them”. She began to lace up her shoes while laughing and started to walk away from me. [I] grabbed Shaasia’s arm and quickly detained her.” Shaasia resisted arrest and threatened to spit on the officer’s face, which was extremely belligerent and non-compliant. Due to her aggressive and combative behavior, she was not seat-belted in and transported to the Whitfield County Jail. At this time, Shaasia still refused to identify herself to the officer advising she knew her rights and laws. Later the officer was able to identify Shaasia from the several previous arrest and booking photos. Shaasia was charged with obstruction, loitering, and curfew violation.