NWGA Scanner | September 15th, 2022

18-year-old motorcyclist arrested after 100 mph felony pursuit with GSP trooper on I-75

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On August 15th, 2022, at approximately 9:27 PM, Trooper Mefford was stationary on I-75 northbound at MM 315 when he observed a 2021 Kawasaki sport bike traveling at 85 MPH. Trooper Mefford attempted to initiate a traffic stop for speeding, but the motorcyclist, identified as Gloria Fatima Esperanza Stinson, 18, of Dalton, continued traveling northbound, showing no signs of slowing down. Trooper Mefford reported, “The motorcycle traveled at speeds above 100 MPH, weaving between traffic at close distances. [I] overtook the motorcycle attempting to slow it down multiple times. Each time [I] got in front of the motorcycle, and it would speed around me. We passed multiple commercial motor vehicles occupying the center and right lanes of travel. The motorcycle split the lanes between them, at a high rate of speed, coming very close to contacting them. The motorcycle exited onto Carbondale Road, MM 326. We continued east on Carbondale Road before the motorcycle made a u-turn, traveling back west.” Stinson seemed to be having mechanical troubles with the motorcycle. Stinson then threw her hand up as she entered 142 Carbondale Road, The Pilot. Trooper, unsure of Stinson’s intentions, quickly exited his patrol vehicle and shoved Stinson and the motorcycle to the ground. Trooper Mefford reported, “[I] did not want her speeding away again. [I] drew my firearm and commanded Ms. Stinson to roll over to her stomach. With assistance from a Whitfield County Deputy and Cpl. Langham [I] placed Ms. Stinson into handcuffs.” Stinson stated the only reason she was running was that she was only trying to get closer to her house in Whitfield County. She stated that she did not want her bike towed, and the trooper explained that it was still being towed due to her running. Trooper Mefford reported, “[I] later asked her if she knew that [I] was a Georgia State Trooper. She said no. [I] replied asking if she thought [I] was a Gordon County deputy and if she thought [I] would stop once she got to the county line. She said yes.” Stinson was booked into the Gordon County Jail charged with fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer – felony, improper lane change, speeding, operate motorcycle without insurance, and operation of vehicle w/out current plate.
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