NWGA Scanner | June 1st, 2021

4-year-old child struck by vehicle and killed in Dalton Sunday evening

A four year old boy died after being hit by a car Sunday near his home in Dalton. All indications from the Dalton Police Department’s investigation of the incident are that it was a tragic accident and investigators say charges are not expected in the case. The crash happened in the 500 block of North Selvidge Street on Sunday at approximately 5:30 pm. The driver of a 2011 Ford Edge had just pulled out of their driveway nearby and was beginning to drive south towards Chattanooga Avenue and passed a vehicle that was parked alongside the curb. At that time, the child, four year old Breyson Chun Gabriel, apparently stepped into the roadway in front of the vehicle and was hit. The child’s father had crossed the street moments before to speak to neighbors and investigators believe the child was either trying to follow his father or could have been trying to retrieve his yellow ball which was found in the roadway. The driver stopped at the scene and after 911 was called, the child was taken to Hamilton Medical Center and was pronounced dead shortly after the incident. The driver cooperated with investigating officers. The investigation of this incident is not complete, but there is no indication of fault on the part of the driver at this point and charges are not expected.