NWGA Scanner | April 24th, 2022

Alabama man wanted in Florida arrested after shoplifting pills from Cave Spring store and fleeing police

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On April 7th, 2022, at 11:08 PM, Officer Overstreet was headed to back up Cave Spring officer Lt. Matthew Burrgess for a theft in progress at Harbin’s Market located at 15 Rome Road. While en route to the call, Officer Overstreet spotted the suspect vehicle past him, headed toward the Six Mile Community. Officer Overstreet reported, “[I] turned around and noticed that the vehicle was heading over Bagwell Mountain, and [I] activated my lights and siren to catch up to the vehicle that matched the description of the used to flee the store. As [I] crossed over Bagwell Mountain, [I] noticed the vehicle was no longer in front of me, but [I] noticed that a white truck with no lights on to my left on Bagwell Road was moving forward. [I] braked and turned to pull behind the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle.” The officer made contact with the driver, later identified as Jonathan George Naylor, 33, of Boaz, Alabama, and quickly detained him. During the pat search, Naylor had two pill bottles in his back left pocket. Officer Overstreet reported, “[I] asked him if he had a license on him, and he stated that he doesn’t have one cause they were suspended. [I] read him Miranda warning and asked him if he understood and wished to speak to me. He stated that he would talk to me about the incident. [I] asked him what happened at the store tonight. Naylor stated that he stopped in to get some pills and paid with his debit card and was told that his card was declined. [I] asked him what he did next, and he stated that he had taken the bottles. [I] asked him how many he took because there were others in the vehicle with the same style labels and price tags on them. Naylor stated that he bought the others at another store. [I] asked him why he took the pills from the store, and he explained how he was shown that they help with depression and that he was taking them for that reason.” Naylor stated that he thought he could sit there and figure out how to make things right. The officer explained to him the way to make things right was to not steal from the store. According to the report, “Naylor was run in GCIC/NCIC and came back unlicensed and with a warrant hit out of Panama City Beach, Florida. PCB advised the warrant was valid and to place a hold. Naylor was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with theft by shoplifting, fleeing and eluding police, driving while unlicensed, and fugitive of justice.