NWGA Scanner | March 11th, 2021

Alabama police officer arrested for DUI after his drunk father starts fight at Jefferson’s in Summerville

An Alabama Police Officer and Summerville man was arrested Tuesday night after an alleged fight at Jefferson’s Restaurant, according to a Summerville Police and Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident reports. Summerville Police Officer Aaron Wentz and Chattooga County Deputy Chris Clark responded to Jefferson’s around 9:20 PM in reference to “four intoxicated subjects in a physical altercation inside,” according to the incident report. When Officer Wentz arrived on the scene, he was told that the aggressor was leaving in a white Jeep. Deputy Clark reported, “[I] observed Officer Wentz standing in the roadway giving verbal commands to the driver to stop the vehicle as it attempted to drive past him.” Both Officer Wentz and Deputy Clark gave loud verbal commands for the vehicle to stop. They managed to stop the vehicle in the road on East Washington Street. The deputy made contact with the driver, identified as Robert Glenn Moore III, 27, of Woodland, Alabama. The passenger, identified as Robert Glenn Moore Jr., 53, of Summerville, exited the vehicle with Officer Wentz. Moore admitted to Officer Wentz to getting into an altercation at Jefferson’. Moore told deputy Clark he was attempting to get “him” out of there. The passenger, Moore, told officers “he had been drinking and could not recall what started the argument but that he approached two white males (Jacob Pendergrass, 39, of LaFayette and Chadwick Douglas, 42, of Chickamauga) at a table and placed hands on one. The deputy had Moore pull his vehicle into a parking spot. “Doing so, he drove the vehicle into the spot and hit the curb abruptly and with force misjudging the distance of the curbing.” Deputy Clark reported. Moore, who was still in the driver’s seat, identified himself as a Police Officer from Alabama. When the deputy asked to see his identification, Moore showed an Alabama Driver’s License and his employee I.D. from the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office. He then stated he was currently employed with Wadley Police Department in Alabama but did not have his credentials for that department on him. Officer Wentz said that after he spoke to “all parties, it appeared that Moore had, in fact, started the altercation. [Officer Wentz] was able to review the camera footage, which did show Moore and his son, who was driving drinking in the restaurant before the altercation began. During the conversation with the driver, Deputy Clark detected an odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle and observed three open containers labeled “Coors Light” on the center console of the vehicle, along with a large carton marked the same sitting on the passenger floorboard area. Moore was reported as having slow reactions, and his eyes were glassy and watery. When asked if he had consumed alcohol, Moore replied he had two beers earlier at approximately 2:00 PM. Moore was unsteady standing away from the vehicle and had to rest against his vehicle to stabilize himself. Moore showed several clues of impairment and showed positive for the consumption of alcohol, showing a BAC of .176. Deputy Clark confirmed his employment with Wadley Police Department. His superior offered to drive several hours to Summerville, Ga., and transport him back to Wadley, Alabama. Moore acknowledged he had too much to drink but remained adamant he felt fine to drive. He then became argumentative as the deputy explained the circumstance. He stated he did not appreciate being talked down to because they were on the same team. Both Father and son were determined to be under the influence of alcohol and were placed under arrest. Robert Moore III refused Georgia Implied Consent. They were transported to the Chattooga County Jail across the street. Robert Glenn Moore III was charged with DUI-driving under the influence of alcohol and open container of alcohol. Robert Moore Jr was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.