NWGA Scanner | August 17th, 2022

Aragon woman arrested on DUI and drug charges after crashing twice in as many hours in Floyd County

According to Floyd County Police Incident report, on August 10th, 2022, at 6:57 PM, Officer Doan responded to a single-vehicle crash with injuries. Dispatch advised that vehicle had impacted head-on with a tree. When the officer arrived, Fire was already on scene and had gotten the driver identified as Mary Catherine Nails, 60, Aragon, out of the vehicle. A witness stated that he was at the intersection of Bailey Road and Abrams Road, preparing to turn Southbound onto Bailey Road. According to the report, “He stated that while he began to make his turn, he observed the silver F-150 traveling quickly, lose control, leave the roadway and strike a tree. He stated that he then rushed to get to the driver, where he attempted to make contact with her; however, he was unable to get a response from her at first. She then came to and proceeded to exit the vehicle and began staggering; however, he assumed that it was due to the shock of the wreck. As they stood there waiting for emergency services to respond, he advised me that he was trying to keep her out of the roadway; however, she continued to stagger and wander into the roadway. He stated that he believed her to be under the influence of “something”.” Officer Doan reported, “She was staggering and swaying her body while making these statements and then stated that “she did not want to pull the car out period. Pier, Pier, Pier, Pier” While stating she did not want to pull the vehicle out, she was attempting to state “period” however she was swaying and slurring her speech while attempting to do so. She then handed me her Georgia ID card, and upon seeing that it was not a driver’s license, [I] asked her if she had a license, and she stated, “I do, right here on hand, baby,” and began looking through her purse once more. She pulled out her wallet once more and began looking for it again. While looking for her license again, she was beginning to stagger backward and into the roadway, and upon viewing this, [I] asked her to step into the grass in order to ensure her safety. She then continued looking through her wallet for her driver’s license (later discovered that her license had been taken by the previous officer that worked her earlier wreck for a driver evaluation and was told not to be driving) while still in the roadway.” According to the report, The owner then called and advised he had just let her borrow the truck a few moments ago because she had crashed her other vehicle earlier in the day. The officer then asked her how much she had to drink today, to which she stated that she had “one Michelob Ultra 100” and stated that she commonly drinks 12-ounce beers. The officer asked her if she wished to participate in a roadside evaluation to determine if she was safe to drive a vehicle, to which she asked if she had to. Officer Doan reported, “[I] informed her that she did not have to participate in the evaluation, to which she stated that “she would rather not then”. She was then subsequently placed under arrest for the suspicion of DUI. [I] then contacted the officer that worked her wreck two hours earlier and was advised that he had taken her driver’s license to perform a driver evaluation, and she was instructed not to be driving for the time being. He stated that she was “steady on her feet” during the time of the wreck earlier. He stated that he had not gotten any indication that she was under the influence of any substance during his time with her.” Nails was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with possession of Schedule II, crossing state/county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent, DUI driving under the influence of multiple substances, failure to maintain lane, too fast for conditions (basic rules), driving without a license in possession, safety belts, use of required 18 and up, and tampering with evidence – a felony.