NWGA Scanner | January 30th, 2022

Burglar violently assaults Catoosa County deputy after breaking into Ringgold house and attacking elderly couple

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on January 20th, 2022, at around 6:28 PM, Deputy Miller responded to an address on North Massengale Road regarding a burglary in progress with forced entry by kicking in the door. According to the report, “Prior to arrival Deputy Miller was advised by dispatch that the offender later identified as Charles Brent Peters, 48, was engaged in a fight with the 86-year-old resident.” Dispatch also informed Deputy Miller that Charles was wearing tan coveralls. According to the report, “Upon arrival, Deputy Miller saw Charles in tan coveralls exit the front door of the residence in a very aggressive manner. Deputy Miller drew his service-issued weapon, giving verbal commands to the offender. Deputy Miller advised Charles to show his hands and stop walking several times, which Charles did not comply. Deputy Miller continued to say, “show me your hands,” due to the Charles left hand not being visible. Deputy Miller holstered his issued service weapon once he was able to see that Charles had no weapons. Deputy Miller immediately drew his issued taser, advising Charles to stop and turn around, to which he refused to comply. Deputy Miller realized the thickness of the coveralls and knew the taser more than likely would not fully penetrate and be effective. Deputy Miller holstered his taser and continued to tell Charles to stop walking. Charles attempted to walk past the deputy, stating that he was going home.” When Deputy Miller attempted to grab Charles by the arm to stop him, he jerked away and started attempting to evade the deputy. Deputy Miller then took Charles to the ground to detain him. Charles ended up on his back with Deputy Miller giving verbal commands to roll over and put his hands behind his back, which he refused. Charles then assaulted the deputy and struck him with a closed fist in the chin. According to the report, “Deputy Miller attempted to gain control of Charles, who was actively fighting the deputy. Upon the refusal of the verbal commands on the ground and the deputy being struck in the face, the deputy struck Charles with a closed fist. During the struggle, Deputy Miller felt a squeeze around his throat from Charles attempting to choke him to death with his hands. Deputy Miller reacted with closed fist strikes to the face, resulting in Charles letting go of the deputy’s neck.” Deputy Smith arrived on the scene and observed Deputy Miller on the ground, still attempting to gain control of Deputy Smith arrived on scene saw Deputy Miller on the ground, still attempting to gain control of the offender who was still actively resisting who was still assaulting the deputy. During the entire engagement, Deputies gave constant verbal commands. According to the report, “Deputy Smith then delivered a couple of closed fist strikes to Charles’s face because Deputy Smith did not know if he had a weapon and could be reaching for it. More deputies arrived on the scene and were able to get Charles into custody. According to the report, “Deputy Miller spoke with the victims who are an elderly couple. The 86-year-old male victim stated that they were sitting inside the residence when they heard Charles kick the door in and force his way inside the residence. Deputy Miller was advised that he walked through the residence yelling and asking where “Donnie” was. The victims stated that they did not know Charles and advised him that they did not know “Donnie” and that he needed to leave. Charles then reentered the residence in a violent manner and shoved the elderly male to the ground forcing his way further into the residence assaulting the 82-year-old female. EMS checked Charles and the deputy for injuries. Charles was booked into the Catoosa County Jail, charged with felony obstruction of officers, aggravated assault against law enforcement officers engaged in official duty, burglary-1st degree, and exploitation of the elderly.