NWGA Scanner | June 20th, 2022

Calhoun couple arrested on obstruction and drug charges after traffic stop on motorcycle in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On May 24th, 2022, at 7:25 PM, Trooper Mefford was patrolling GA-3 in the area of I-75 when he observed a motorcycle with no tag pull out of the parking lot of the Pilot gas station after Trooper Townsend pull in to get gas. Trooper Mefford reported, “The motorcycle turned left, traveling back south on GA 3. As he did so, he passed a CMV on the left by driving through the gore. At that point, [I] initiated my emergency lights and sirens. The male on the motorcycle signaled with his hand he was stopping.” During the traffic stop, the trooper smelled the odor of marijuana. According to the report, As they were talking, a vehicle stopped, and the female driver stated that she was his wife. They both moved to a nearby parking lot to further the traffic stop. The motorcyclist, later identified as Ernest Brent Mathis, 31, of LaFayette, advised he couldn’t find his license and that his name was Bill Silvers which was later determined to be false information. The female, later identified as Ashley Dean Silvers, 28, of Calhoun, cut in the conversation and advised the trooper that Mathis’s birthdate for him was 1991. Mathis then advised it was actually 1990. Ms. Silvers again corrected him, stating that it was 1989. According to the report, “After running the information through GCIC, It returned that Billy Silvers did not have a motorcycle license. The motorcycle returned through Maryland. It was not insured or registered.” After the trooper ran Ms. Silvers’ Information, she provided through GCIC. It returned that she had a felony obstruction warrant through Gordon County Sheriff’s Office. That warrant was confirmed, and Gordon County SO wanted to place a hold. Trooper Mefford reported, “Tpr. Townsend and [I] then attempted to place Mr. Mathis and Ms. Silvers under arrest. Mr. Mathis pulled away and fled on foot. [I] drew my department-issued Taser 7 and commanded him to stop and get on the ground. Mr. Mathis stopped and layed on the ground.” Mathis was then taken into custody without incident. Trooper Townsend drew his department-issued Taser 7 and commanded Ms. Silvers onto the ground, where she was taken into custody as well. The trooper advised that Mathis’s eyes were glassy, and his pupils were dilated after removing his sunglasses. Mathis also advised that he had smoked marijuana earlier in the day. Troopers located a large jar containing marijuana in the door of Ms. Silvers’s car. Troopers also located a black bag containing a glass smoking device, a black magnet box containing a scale, a glass pipe, a straw, and a pill. Also inside the bag were multiple credit cards with the name Ernest on them. According to the report, “Tpr. Townsend read Ms. Silvers her Miranda Warning and asked her who Ernest Mathis was. She would not answer. Trooper Mefford then read Mr. Mathis his Miranda Warning and asked him. He stated that he did not know and that he found the cards.” Trooper Mefford reported, “Further searching through the bag, [I] located a work shirt. It had the name Ernie Mathis on the collar. [I] then checked the collar of the identical work shirt Mr. Mathis was wearing, and it was labeled Ernie Mathis. [I] asked why he lied about his name and what his actual date of birth was, but he would not answer. [I] also noticed that Mr. Mathis’ shirt was even more soaked in sweat. It was as if he had been sprayed with a water hose. [I] again asked him about it, and he said he was nervous. After further searching the vehicle, a rolled dollar bill was located with Mr. Mathis’s belongings. The dollar contained and white powder-like substance. The Gordon County Drug Unit was informed of the located drugs and the individuals. They advised that Ms. Silvers was known to have drugs. With everything that [I] had observed, I determined that Mr. Mathis was under the influence of drugs. He admitted that he had smoked marijuana earlier that day, but also his clothing was soaked from sweat. This led me to believe there were other drugs in his system. Most likely, the crushed pill that left the residue on the dollar bill. He was very slow to answer questions, staring blankly until he was asked multiple times.” Mathis agreed to the state testing of his blood. Mathis and Silvers were both transported and booked into the Gordon County Jail. Mathis was charged with criminal trespass, driving in gore, driving while license suspended or revoked, no insurance (motorcycle), obstruction of officer obstruction/hindering officer, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug-related objects, possession of marijuana (less 1 oz.), unregistered vehicle, DUI- driving under the influence of drugs, and giving a false name. Silvers was charged with criminal trespass, driving while license suspended/rev expired tag, marijuana – possess less than oz obstruction of officers, felony obstruction of officers, possession of drug-related objects, and purchase/possess/control liquid methadone.