NWGA Scanner | June 2nd, 2022

Calhoun man arrested for DUI after driving drunk to Floyd County gas station to get more beer

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On May 26th, 2022, air 4:45 PM, Sgt. Wade was at the Race Trac convenience store with a male, later identified as John Nicholas Brewer, 53, of Calhoun, was standing in front of him waiting to pay for a case of beer. Sgt. Wade reported, “When the male walked away after paying and when [I] stepped up to the register [I] could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage lingering leading me to believe that it was from the male that had been standing in front of me that was beginning to leave now. [I] walked outside and stopped Brewer. When [I] stopped John, he was actively backing out of a parking spot, attempting to leave. [I] began speaking with John and advised him why [I] was stopping him, which was because [I] could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage after he walked away, leading me to believe that it was coming from his person. John was asked if he had consumed an alcoholic beverage, to which he stated he had not, which [I] found to be odd because while [I] was speaking with John, [I] continued to smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage. John continued denying that he had consumed any alcohol today and was tested with an alco sensor which showed a positive result for alcohol with a roadside BAC of .16, which confirmed the reason why [I] was smelling the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from John’s person.” During field sobriety tests, John showed several signs of impairment and showed a BAC of .17 on a PBT. John advised he drove here to get some beer and was going back home. John was placed under arrest for DUI and agreed to the state test. John showed a BAC of .18 on the state test and was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with DUI.