NWGA Scanner | February 27th, 2022

Calhoun man arrested for DUI drugs after being found parked in the middle of the roadway in Gordon County

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Thursday, February 10th, 2022, at approximately 7:36 PM, Deputy D.R. Nicholas responded to the intersection of T Johnson Road and Thompson Loop Road in reference to a suspicious vehicle. According to the report, “Deputy Nicholas saw the listed 1996 GMC 1500 truck parked in the roadway. There was a male standing at the bed of the truck, later identified as Mr. James William Farmer, 64, of Calhoun. Deputy Nicholas asked Mr. Farmer why he was out here. Mr. Farmer mumbled and motioned to the propane lantern he was trying to light. Deputy Nicholas asked Mr. Farmer what he was doing, and he did not reply. Eventually, he said he was working on the lantern.” The deputy reported that Farner was looking off into the woods and talking with someone who was not there. Farner was also observed being very fidgety, unable to follow directions, and mumbling his speech. Farner made very odd movements and was witnessed again speaking to someone who was not there saying, “Ya’ll understand what he’s doing”. Farner then stated to the deputy, “Damn it, ask him where my keys are”. According to the report, “Deputy Nicholas asked Mr. Farner if he had any family so he could check and see if Mr. Farner was of sound mind. Deputy Nicholas spoke with the half-brother of Mr. Farner, who stated that Mr. Farner does not have any mental health issues. The man stated that Mr. Farner used “bath salts and meth” as he spoke to people who were not there.” Farner was read Georgia Implied Consent Notice and refused. Farner was transported to the Gordon County Jail, charged with DUI drugs and parking prohibited.