NWGA Scanner | November 17th, 2022

Calhoun man arrested for DUI drugs after driving all over I-75 while playing on phone in Gordon County

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On October 27th, 2022, at approximately 1:35 AM, Sergeant Jones was traveling north on Interstate 75 near the 317 Mile Marker. According to the report, “As Sergeant Jones approached the 317 Mile Marker, he observed the listed red Dodge Ram truck traveling north. The truck was weaving in an exaggerated manner, from the middle lane and across the left lane and back, and was traveling at a slow speed that was dangerous for interstate travel. Sergeant Jones activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop, and Sergeant Jones could see the driver, later identified as Ethan David Stone, 32, of Calhoun, turn around and look out the back window of the truck. Sergeant Jones could see Mr. Stone was holding what appeared to be a black cell phone beside his head. Mr. Stone pulled the vehicle to the shoulder and came to a stop just before the 317 entrance ramp.” Stone said he was tired from working. When asked about him holding his cell phone up to his head, Stone said he had not been talking on it, but he was instead playing on it. Sergeant Jones asked him if he had been drinking or if he had taken any medication or illegal drugs, and he said he had taken his prescription medication, but it did not impair his ability to drive. During field sobriety tests, Stone showed several signs of drug impairment. Stone was placed under arrest for DUI drugs and agreed to the state blood test. Stone was booked into the Gordon County Jail, charged with distracted driving, failure to maintain a single lane, and DUI drugs.