NWGA Scanner | April 5th, 2021

Calhoun man charged with DUI after crashing following night out on Broad Street in Rome

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on March 27th, 2021, at around 2:00 AM, Officer Boatfield was dispatched to Mathis Road near the intersection of GA-20 in reference to a vehicle crash. She arrived on the scene and observed a vehicle in the tree line down an embankment on the westbound shoulder of the roadway. The driver later identified Jay Felton Stephens, 26, of Calhoun, was still in the vehicle when the officer arrived. Officer Boatfield reported, “[I] asked him what happened, and he stated that he was on his way back from Broad Street and was eventually hoping to make it to Calhoun. He stated that he believed he must have “passed out.” [I] asked him to confirm if he was coming from Broad Street, and he advised that he was; he stated he had seen some concerts and “just tried to have as much fun” as he could.” Jay stated that he had probably two beers, and that was “in the six-hour period” that he was on Broad Street. He advised that he was not intoxicated in any way. Officer Tetsworth arrived on the scene to assist Officer Boatfield. Officer Tetsworth asked Jay if he had some drinks, and he replied that he did in the past three hours. Jay stated that he had two beers and two shots. Jay continued to say that “it has to be fatigue” because he worked so much. During field sobriety testing, Jay showed several clues of impairment. Jay was then placed under arrest for suspected DUI. Officer Tetsworth also advised that he smelled a faint odor of alcohol after he arrived on the scene. Officers observed an open container of liquor in the passenger floorboard and also found a marijuana cigarette in the driver’s door pocket. Jay agreed to implied consent and was then transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with marijuana-possess less than 1 oz, open container violation, failure to maintain lane, and DUI-driving under the influence of alcohol.