NWGA Scanner | November 17th, 2021

Calhoun man charged with DUI after showing up to Waffle House in Dalton highly intoxicated

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on November 9th, 2021, at approximately 8:32 PM, the Whitfield County Communications Center received a telephone call from the Waffle House located at 1912 Chattanooga Road in reference to a possible intoxicated driver. Dispatch was informed that the subject, later identified as Clarence L. Sledge Sr, 63, of Calhoun, was driving a 1978 Chevy with wooden rails on the bed with Georgia tag and was leaving going north on Chattanooga Road. According to the report, “Dispatch was also informed that Sledge fell inside the restaurant due to him being so intoxicated. Sgt. Dalton was traveling south on Chattanooga Road in the area of Tibbs Road when he observed the vehicle still heading north on Chattanooga Road. Sgt. Dalton turned around and caught up to the vehicle as it turned onto Willowdale Road. Sgt. Dalton observed the vehicle driving in both lanes on Willowdale Road before it got to the railroad tracks. Sgt. Dalton initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle as it was turning into the Stay Lodge. The vehicle pulled to the back and parked.” The deputy made contact with Sledge and the passenger, Henry Burns. Sgt. Dalton asked Sledge if he had anything to drink tonight. According to the report, “Sledge stated that he had four or five beers tonight. Sledge stated that he had four or five 12oz Budweiser Beers a couple of hours ago. As Sledge stepped out of the vehicle, he held onto the door, and then he fell back into the B-Post of the vehicle. According to the report, “Sgt. Dalton asked Sledge if he was okay. Sledge stated that he had quite a bit to drink. Sledge walked to the back of the vehicle with Sgt. Dalton. Sledge was using the bed of the truck for balance and almost fell backward. Sgt. Dalton asked Sledge again if he was okay. Sledge advised that he was not and that he was going, being honest, that he had quite a bit to drink. Sledge stated that he had five or six drinks.” Sledge stated to the deputy that he was at a restaurant and he had drunk more then he meant to. The deputy asked Sledge if he should be driving, and he stated no. Sledge advised that he should have called a cab. Sledge agreed to the state testing of his breath. The truck was turned over by the passenger, who was sober. Sledge was transported to the Whitfield County Jail. According to the report, At 9:24 PM, Sledge showed a BrAC of .154. Sledge was charged with DUI Alcohol .08 grams or more and failure to maintain lane.