NWGA Scanner | October 25th, 2021

Calhoun man violently assaults trooper while being arrested at Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on October 10th, 2021, at around 4:00 AM, Trooper Chiesa responded to a single-vehicle crash on I-75 southbound near exit 336. While investigating the crash and running a license check of the driver identified as Ishmael Monta Washington, 30, of Calhoun, was run through GCIC by using his license number. According to the report, “It was found out Mr. Washington had an active¬†warrant through Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. The dispatcher confirmed and advised that the warrant was active and valid, and they wished to place a hold. Mr. Washington had hit his head and had a cut lip. He was transported to Hamilton Medical Center due to his injuries.” The trooper went to Hamilton Medical Center to serve the warrant. According to the report, due to not knowing how long Washington was going to be there before being released, the trooper contacted Trooper Whitfield, who agreed to assist in transporting once he was cleared and released from the hospital. According to Trooper Whitfield, at approximately, at approximately 8:00 AM, he was advised by Hamilton Medical Center ER staff that Washington was being released. Trooper Whitfield reported, “[I] went to ER room 18 where the suspect was waiting. A nurse was present in the room completing discharge paperwork for Washington. Washington refused to sign the discharge paperwork. [|] advised Washington in the treatment room that he had a felony warrant and was going to be transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Washington became irate, clenched his fist, and took an aggressive position on the bed and appeared to be preparing to fight.” According to the report, Washington began to yell obscenities and racial slurs in a loud and boisterous manner at the nurse in the room and made serious threats. The trooper advised Washington that he was under arrest and to place his hands behind his back. Washington pulled away violently and attempted to get up off the bed in an aggressive manner toward the trooper and the nurse. Washington became very violent and continued to pull away, refusing to comply with simple commands given by the trooper. The trooper verbally advised Washington that he would be Tased if he did not comply. The nurse realized the situation was worsening and contacted hospital security to assist. According to the report, “As they were escorting Washington through the Emergency room, he locked his legs (stiffened his legs) and feet against the ground in order to keep from being moved.” Officers were forced to attempt to move Washington down the hall toward the exit while he continued to resist arrest and throw a tantrum. Washington then turned his head toward the trooper and attempted to violently head-butt him. The trooper reported, “Washington also then spit blood and saliva on my face and body.” The suspect continued to resist by assaulting and kicking the trooper. The trooper reported, “The trooper also made verbal threats that he would get his family member and “stick” and kill my daughters and family. Due to the continued high level of resistance and assaults, [I] was forced to place Washington on the ground for my safety and the protection of others.” Washington continued with his verbal threats and racial slurs in the presence of hospital staff, patients, law enforcement, as well as others in the area. Dalton PD Officer Womack arrived and assisted with transporting Washington.¬†He was booked into the jail charged with felony terroristic threats and acts, reckless conduct, felony assault, disorderly conduct and felony obstruction of an officer by threat/violence.

Calhoun man violently assaults trooper during arrest at Hamilton Medical center after crash