NWGA Scanner | February 24th, 2022

Calhoun teens arrested after smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol while loitering at closed business in Dalton

According to a dalton Police Department incident report, on February 6th, 2022, at 1:13 AM, Lt. Bishop located four teens parked at the top-level BB&T parking deck located at 200 King Street. According to the report, “This parking deck is marked with “No loitering” signs, and the surrounding businesses around this area were closed.” Officer O’Neal reported, “When [I] arrived on scene [I] observed four males in a silver 2014 Mustang with a black Honda Civic parked next to it. Lt Bishop had the subject hand him several drug-related objects and bottles of beer from within the Mustang. There was a strong odor of marijuana emanating from both vehicles. All four subjects were told to exit the vehicle.” According to the report, They were all identified as Carlos Martinez, 19, Leonardo Juarez-Sanchez, 19, Erwin Mosqueda-Vigil, 19, and Jonathan Vasquez, 19, all of Calhoun. According to the report, “They were all under the age of 21.” Officer O’Neal reported, “[I] searched both vehicles and [I] found more drug-related objects, bottles of beer, a bottle of wine, and 2.5 grams of a green leafy substance that tested positive for marijuana. The drug-related object included two glass smoking devices ( bongs), cannabis rolling papers, a digital scale with residue, and a grinder with residue.” Three of the four showed to have alcohol in their system on a PBT. All four were placed under arrest and transported to the Whitfield County Jail, charged with loitering, underage consumption, open container, and possession of drug-related objects.