NWGA Scanner | June 16th, 2022

Calhoun woman arrested for child endangerment after causing crash while DUI in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On May 31st, 2022, Sgt. D. Shamblin was dispatched to a two-vehicle crash on GA-53 at McDaniel Station Road in Gordon County. Gordon Deputy Ochoa advised that the at-fault driver may be intoxicated, and they were now in the Walmart parking lot. Sgt. Shamblin reported, “[I] then contacted a female driver, identified as Deborah MacDavid, 40, of Calhoun. When [I] made contact with MacDavid, she was seated in her Mercedes Benz. [I] asked her about the crash, and she stated she got cut off. When [I] asked her who cut her off, she pointed at the other vehicle parked to her right. She then stated, “I haven’t had my coffee yet”. [I] then asked if she worked anywhere, and she slurred while she stated, “I’m a stay home mom”.[I] then advised her that [I] would need to rule out impairment in the crash. The longer [I] stood at her door, [I] noticed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming to her breath.” MacDavid stated last consumed alcohol “Last Night”. The trooper then asked her where the damage was at on her vehicle and requested she exit the vehicle and show him. She refused to exit and stated “you can look for yourself”. Sgt. Shamblim reported, “[I] then advised her that [I] was investigating an accident and DUI investigation and to exit the vehicle. She continued to refuse to exit and stated her lawyer told her not to.” MacDavid then refused field sobriety tests and the state test. When she removed her sunglasses, the trooper observed her eyes were watery and bloodshot. Based on her admission of drinking alcohol, slurred speech, a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on her breath, and bloodshot, watery eyes, Sgt. Shamblin determined that she was under the influence to the extent that she was less safe to drive and caused a traffic crash. She was transported to the Gordon County Jail, charged with endangering a child under 14 YOA while DUI X2, DUI, and following too closely. The victim advised the trooper his light was green when he was struck by MacDavid. He stated that MacDavid continued driving east, pulling into the Walmart parking lot, and remained in her vehicle. He also stated she had two children in the car at the time of the crash but wasn’t sure where they went.