NWGA Scanner | November 10th, 2022

Calhoun woman arrested for DUI after speeding on the GA-1 Loop in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On October 23rd, 2022, while traveling west on Ga 293 and coming to the intersection of Ga 293 and Ga 1 loop Officer Vicente observed a black GMC Yukon traveling east on Ga 293 when the driver of the vehicle identified later as Whitney Hope Smith, 29, of Calhoun made a U-Turn near the middle of the intersection of Ga 293 and Ga 1 Loop. Officer Vicente reported, “While still [I] was still approaching the intersection, [I] observed that the vehicle had stopped past the marked stop line on the road. Mrs. Smith proceeded to turn right onto Ga 1 Loop without using her activating her turn signal and began traveling Northbound on Ga 1 Loop. While Mrs. Smith was making the right turn onto Ga 1 Loop, she accelerated to the point where the rear tires of her vehicle began spinning [I] followed Mrs. Smith after [I] observed her accelerate exponentially onto Ga 1 Loop. Once onto Ga 1 Loop, [I] observed Mrs. Smith begin traveling on the outside lane, so I also began traveling on the outside lane behind Mrs. Smith. [I] began to observe that Mrs. Smith’s speed kept increasing as she continued to travel inbound as [I] was following her based on the vehicle’s Speedometer and my mounted GPS that indicated my speed. Mrs. Smith was traveling greater than the posted speed limit, which was 55 MPH, when [I] observed Mrs. Smith was pulling away from me when [I] reached the speeds of around 70 MPH + .” Officer Vicente initiated a traffic stop at 1881 Calhoun Road (Circle K) and made contact with Smith. Officer Vicente asked Smith if she was alright due to her displaying signs of her being emotionally distressed. She advised that she was not alright and advised that she was going through a tough time at home and in her relationship. She advised the officer she was becoming overwhelmed with the situation. Officer Vicente reported, “While talking to Mrs. Smith about her situation and attempting to get her to calm down, [I] advised her that at that moment she was not in trouble and that in a moment she was going to be free to go and if next time she was upset this way to just find someone to talk to or to sit in her car and let it out and to not drive in those conditions. While Mrs. Smith began replying to me, [I] suddenly could smell a decent amount of alcohol coming from her breath. [I] asked Mrs. Smith to be completely honest with me and asked Mrs. Smith if she had any alcohol today or within the past few hours. She stated that she had only drunk about three hours ago. Mrs. Smith then attempted to get me to let her go and just have someone pick her up. Rome City Officer Young arrived and assisted with field sobriety evaluation on Smith, who showed several signs of impairment. Smith was placed under arrest for DUI driving under the influence of alcohol and refused the state test. Smith was transported to the Floyd County Jail and charged with DUI.