NWGA Scanner | January 29th, 2022

California man arrested after threatening officers during belligerent drunk tirade in Floyd County

According to the Floyd County Police Department incident, on January 17th, 2022, at approximately 12:14 AM, an officer was dispatched to a crash with possible injuries on Cave Spring Road at Agnes Street. According to the report, While en route, the fire department arrived on the scene and advised dispatch that a silver sedan was leaving the scene with the possible driver due to no one being around. Officer Stanfield reported, “The tow driver was able to get the vehicle upright and [I] conducted an inventory search of the vehicle. [I] located a photocopy of a social security card and a California Driver’s License. Both the license and social security card belonged to Jose Carlos Dominguez, 43, of Palmdale, California. While [I] was conducting the inventory search, dispatch advised me that a female did call in to report her truck as stolen but could not ascertain much more than that due to broken English. Dispatch did advise that Jose did speak to them on the phone to advise that the vehicle was stolen.” Officer Bray and officer Stanfield arrived at 79 Toles Road at approximately 1:25 and spoke with Maria Romero and Jose. Officer Stanfield reported, “[I] began asking questions about who stole it, when it was last seen, and where the key was at. Jose became agitated at my questions and went into his room. Jose did retrieve a key from his room and brought it back out to the living room where we were speaking. Jose stated that this was the key and asked what [I] wanted him to do with it. Jose then dropped the key on the floor in front of me and continued to be irate and belligerent. Jose kept informing me to do my job and [I] asked him what he wanted me to do. Jose kept saying, “Do your job”. Jose got mad, took a step back, took his jacket off, and rolled up his sleeves to his shirt. At this time, [I] believed that Jose was about to attempt to fight with Officer Bray and myself due to his demeanor. [I] was able to deescalate the situation briefly, but in his inebriated state, [I] was not able to keep Jose calm. [I] continued to ask Jose questions about who may have taken his truck or if he was the one actually driving, but he did not give me any clear responses. As [I] was asking Maria if she knew if Jose had left in the truck or had been driving, Jose did come outside and began yelling at me to stop speaking with his mom due to me not being able to speak Spanish. [I] went back to speak with Jose, and he continued to be belligerent toward PFC Bray and myself. Jose kept saying, “What’s up, you piece of s**t,” to me numerous times. Maria did attempt to get him to stop, but Jose was saying something in Spanish toward Maria. Once he was done, he looked back toward me and continued with the above phrase toward me. He then stated, “You don’t f***ing know you f***ing piece of s**t,” followed by pointing at me then PFC Bray and stating, “I’ma get you and I’ma get you, you little piece of s**t too.” At this time Jose was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and two counts of terroristic threat for the above statement he made toward PFC Bray and myself.” Jose was transported to the Floyd County Jail and booked.