NWGA Scanner | February 25th, 2021

Cartersville woman crashes on Ga. 101 after driving reckless while under the influence of drugs

According to a Floyd County Police Department report, on February 8th, 2021, at around 9:40 AM, Officer Carrington responded to a BOLO for a reckless driver on GA 101 that was headed outbound towards Rockmart. While en route Floyd County E911 advised the red Chevrolet Malibu had struck a tree and was in the ditch. The officer arrived and found the driver identified as Tori Martin, 25, of Cartersville, sitting on the ground with fire EMTs talking with her. The officer spoke to the witness that called 911. He stated that he observed the Chevrolet Malibu passing other vehicles at high rates of speed and crossing double yellow lines. When they passed the first Old Rockmart intersection and went over the hill, the Malibu went into oncoming lanes causing the inbound traffic to swerve into the outbound traffic lanes. He said that the Malibu lost control and went across the inbound lanes and striking a tree. The fire EMT advised that Tori’s story of what happened was not making sense. The EMT advised that her mannerisms and that her pupils were pinpoint he thought that she might be under the influence of something other than alcohol. Tori first told the officer that her check engine light had come on. She said the vehicle started beeping at her, and then her breaks locked up, and the vehicle skidded across the lane where she hit the tree, coming to a stop in the ditch. While talking to her, the officer noticed several clues of impairment. Tori’s story changed several times, and the officer told her that there were no skid marks. She said that she did not say that her breaks lock up. Tori said that she was going to work in Acworth. She said that she had come from her house in Cartersville. Advised her that she was on the road to Rockmart. She refused to be transported to the hospital by EMS. Sgt. Penny conducted the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test during field sobriety testing. Tori showed many clues of impairment and was placed under arrest for DUI drugs. Tori was read the Georgia Implied Consent form and refused testing. While at the ER to be cleared, she informed the officer that she was out on bond for possession of cocaine. She said that it was heroin and was asking why the police did not test it right there. The officer asked her if heroin was her drug of choice, and she said it was. She also said that she had gone through a rehab program but started using heroin again because she was going through a divorce. Tori was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with DUI drugs.