NWGA Scanner | April 28th, 2022

Cedartown man arrested on DUI, serious injury by vehicle charges in connection to January crash in Floyd County

A Cedartown man has been charged in connection with a wreck back on January 26, 2022, on Alabama Highway (GA-20) at Highway 100 South that left two people with serious injuries. According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, at 10:25 PM, Officer Dollar responded to the two-vehicle crash. According to the report the officer found the other driver/victim lying on his side on the ground screaming in pain. Officer Dollar reported, “The male had a large open wound showing bone and internal parts of his lower left leg. The man could not move. [I] gave the man a wool blanket due to the temperature outside and him being shirtless. [I] also placed a tourniquet above the man’s left knee in order to stop his wound from bleeding any further before EMS arrived.” A fireman with Rome Fire Department stated that both of the man’s legs were broken and that he would need surgery. They also stated that his tibia (shin bone) was broken, and the left ankle was broken. The officer reported that throughout her entire encounter with the victim, the other driver Kevin Lee Goss, 38, of Cedartown, was pacing and squatting on the side of the road, constantly saying sorry and behaving in a hyperventilating manner. According to the report, Kevin struggled to stay still. Kevin stated to the officer, “I totally hit that car. I missed the stop sign.” According to the report, Kevin was driving a 1999 Toyota 4 Runner when he ran the stop sign and collided with a Kia Sedona. Officer Dollar reported, “Kevin stated that he totally missed the stop sign. Kevin was speaking in a slowed manner, almost struggling to get words out. [I] asked Kevin what way he was trying to go. Kevin stated he was going to go left. Kevin advised me it was dark out there and totally did not see the stop sign, but that when he did see the stop sign, he slammed on his brakes. Kevin stated that his brakes locked up. It should be noted that there were no skid marks indicating braking. [I] did detect an odor from Kevin’s person of what [I] know as marijuana based on my training, knowledge, and experience. Kevin again could not stay still during my encounter with him.” A witness to the crash advised that if Kevin had not hit the Kia, then he would have gone straight into a nearby residence’s fence. Officer Dollar reported, “[I] asked Kevin when he lasts smoked. Kevin started to say “on the way” but then stopped and stated that he smoked when he got home. [I] advised Kevin [I] did not know when he got home. Kevin began looking at his left wrist as if he was thinking he would be wearing a wristwatch to tell me what time he got home. Kevin then stated he smoked at least 30 minutes before getting on the road. Officer Boatfield arrived on the scene to conduct accident reconstruction. I asked Pfc. Boatfield also conducted Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving on Kevin, where he showed several signs of impairment. While being arrested, Kevin was argumentative with officers. Officer Dollar reported, “[I] read Kevin Georgia’s Implied Consent Notice for persons aged over 21. Before [I] could finish reading, Kevin was shouting to me that he would give me a breathalyzer test. [I] advised Kevin that [I] would need him to listen to me. Kevin consistently became irate and interrupted me while reading.” Kevin was transported to the Floyd County Medical center, where he agreed to a blood draw and was released to ER staff. On April 18th, 2022, Kevin was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with serious injury by vehicle x2, DUI-drugs, and running a stop sign.