NWGA Scanner | April 24th, 2022

Cedartown man tosses stolen gun from vehicle during dangerous 100+ mph multi-county chase

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On April 6th, 2022, at 4:46 PM, Officer Masciovecchio was on patrol in a marked Floyd County Police vehicle and in full police uniform, conducting traffic enforcement on GA-1 south at Georgia 1 Loop South. Officer Masciovecchio reported, “[I] was using a Stalker LIDAR (SN: LA003504, checked at 15:55 hours) and conducting speed detection in the area. [I] observed a dark-colored passenger car traveling at a high rate of speed that [I] visually estimated the speed at approximately 70 miles per hour. [I] used the LIDAR to check the vehicle’s speed and confirmed that the vehicle was traveling at 76 miles per hour at 1,626 ft. from my location. As the vehicle passed me, [I] had to wait for traffic to clear before [I] could pull out to initiate a traffic stop. As [I] pulled out, [I] activated my patrol vehicle’s emergency blue lights and siren and began to catch up to the vehicle.” The vehicle quickly made a lane change and made a right-hand turn onto Booze Mountain Road. The officer realized that he was not going to stop due to the driver, later identified as Ayron Damon Adams, 32, of Cedartown, GA, was not slowing down and making erratic movements with the vehicle. According to the report, While continuing eastbound on Booze Mountain Road, Adams passed a vehicle on the wrong side of the roadway, almost running an 18-wheeler off of the road. During this time, the pursuing officer observed Adams throw an object out of the driver’s side window and into the ditch on the north curb line of Booze Mountain Road. Adams continued driving and then made a left onto Superior Drive and another immediate left into a business parking lot. Adams exited the parking lot and turned right back toward Booze Mountain Road, where he ran the stop sign at the intersection, turning right on Booze Mountain Road back toward GA-1. Adams again passed a vehicle in a no-passing zone. Adams ran the stop sign as he made a left turn to travel south on GA-1. At this time, Officer Wade arrived and began calling the pursuit to dispatch. According to the report, “Adams continued southbound on GA-1 at extremely high rates of speed fluctuating between 90 and 115 miles per hour. While continuing southbound on GA-1, Adams continued to drive extremely reckless with disregard for other motorists, almost running vehicles off of the roadway. The pursuit continued southbound into Polk County, where Adams made a right turn into the Cedartown Walmart parking lot. According to the report, Adams continued through the parking lot toward the front of the store. Adams then stopped his car and fled on foot into the back of Walmart. Officer Wade and Officer Masciovecchio pursued Adams on foot through the store and into the back of the store. Adams was found in the back, hiding between boxes. Officer Wade and Officer Masciovecchio both pointed their firearms at Adams while giving loud verbal commands for him to show his hands. Officer Masciovecchio reported, “Once [I] observed both of Adams’s hands, [I] holstered my weapon and took control of Adams’s right arm and pulled him out from the boxes. PFC. Wade and [I] assisted Adams onto his stomach and then [I] placed him in handcuffs.” Adams made several complaints that he had been drugged and his blood sugar was too high. Adams stated that he was not in his right mind, and that is why he ran. Officers located marijuana and an open can of Mike’s hard lemonade in the center cup holders that were 75% full. Officer Masciovecchio stopped to assist K-9 LT. Hovers, Sgt. Penny, K-9 Officer Harbin, and Officer Webb with locating the item that was thrown from the vehicle. Officers were able to locate a silver and pink handgun lying in the ditch. Officer ran the serial number through dispatch, and it returned stolen from Bartow County. Adams denied everything and stated he did not toss the gun out of the vehicle during the pursuit. Adams was transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with simple assault, theft by receiving stolen property, criminal trespass, cruelty to children in the third degree, speeding, driving on a suspended license, passing in a no-pass zone, stop sign violation, open container, reckless driving, fleeing police, possession of marijuana, obstruction.