NWGA Scanner | June 2nd, 2021

Chatsworth arrested for DUI after weaving all over Walnut Avenue in front of Dalton officer

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on May 22nd, 2021, at approximately 2:09 AM, Lt. Bishop conducted a traffic stop on a black Toyota Corolla near Walnut Avenue and North Tibbs Road. Officer Johnson responded and assisted Lt. Bishop with the traffic stop. Lt. Bishop advised he conducted the traffic stop on the vehicle because the driver, later identified as Domingo Loarca-Tercero, 22, of Chatsworth, was weaving all over the roadway and began to impede the flow of traffic. Lt. Bishop also smelled alcohol coming from Domingo’s person when he made contact, and his eye contained a red and glassy look to them. Officer Johnson reported, “As [I] leaned down to speak with Domingo, [I] immediately smelled alcohol as [I] introduced myself. Officer Johnson reported, “[I] asked Domingo how much alcohol had he drunk tonight in which he stated “Not much 1 or 2”. [I] then questioned Domingo about what beer did he consume in which he said, “2 12 oz of coronas.”.” During field, sobriety tests Domingo then stated, “He failed,” and walked back toward his vehicle. Domingo then said he was not going to do the tests. Domingo was grabbed and placed under arrest for DUI. Domingo agreed to the state test and stated he would give a breath sample on the intoxilyzer at the Whitfield County Jail. Domingo registered a BAC of .230. Domingo was charged with weaving over the roadway, impeding the flow of traffic, license suspended (previous DUI) DUI-alcohol, 0.08g or more within 3 hours or more.