NWGA Scanner | May 12th, 2021

Chatsworth man arrested for DUI after running red light in front of Whitfield County deputy

According to Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on May 2nd, 2021, at around 7:53 PM, Deputy Figg was traveling south on GA-3 stopped at the traffic light for Chatsworth Highway and East Walnut Avenue. According to the report, “When the light turned green, traffic was starting to go. Deputy Figg observed an older model blue Ford truck traveling west on Chatsworth Hwy approach the intersection, his light being red. The truck did not slow down proceeding through the red light.” The deputy activated his blue lights to warn traffic of the approaching danger. As the vehicle blew through the red light, the deputy attempted to pull the vehicle over. The vehicle continued west on East Walnut before finally coming to a stop near MLK Jr BLVD after he activated his siren. The deputy made contact with the driver, Henry Floyd Hall, 62, of Chatsworth. According to the report, “Deputy Figg noticed that the shirt Henry was wearing was put on backward. Deputy Figg also noticed Henry’s eyes were very bloodshot.” The deputy could smell a strong odor of some type of alcoholic beverage coming from his person. “Deputy Figg had Henry exit the vehicle, which Deputy Figg noticed his pants were also on backward and began to attempt to administer a field sobriety test,” According to the report. Henry showed several clues of impairment during the tests and was placed under arrest for DUI-driving under the influence of alcohol. While conducting an inventory of the truck, the deputy observed two open ICE Beer cans open and cold, which had a beer in both cans. One can be a regular 8 ounce can, the other one larger. Henry was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, where he registered .046 BAC. Henry was charged with the running red light, DUI less safe, and open container violation.