NWGA Scanner | May 29th, 2021

Chatsworth man arrested for DUI drugs after crashing vehicle into bushes in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on May 18th, 2021, at approximately 4:20 AM, Deputy Pritchard arrived at 2931 Carol Circle in reference to a vehicle crash. The deputy arrived and observed the 2006 Lincoln Town Car stopped with the front of the vehicle resting on bushes at the end of the driveway. Deputy Pritchard approached the vehicle and observed a male, later identified as Michael Cronnon, 23, of Chatsworth, asleep in the driver seat of the vehicle. Cronnon was slumped over to the left side of the seat. According to the report, “Deputy Pritchard observed the keys for the vehicle were in the ignition, the vehicle was running, and the vehicle was in drive. Mr. Cronnon attempted to climb out of the vehicle through the driver’s window. Deputy Pritchard had to reach inside the vehicle open the door because Mr. Cronnon was unable to do so. Mr. Cronnon appeared to be confused at Deputy Pritchard’s instructions to get out of the vehicle.” Cronnon’s eyes were red, and his eyelids were drooping, according to the report. Cronnon was observed to be unsteady while walking and had slurred speech. Cronnon showed several clues of impairment during field sobriety testing. Cronnon denied consent to the state-administered chemical test of his blood. According to the report, “Deputies Pack and Crosby conducted a search of the vehicle in an attempt to locate a source of intoxicant. Under the front passenger seat of the vehicle, Deputy Crosby located an unlabeled pill bottle that contained 11 pills. The pills were later identified as Buspirone Hydrochloride.” Cronnon was transported to the Whitfield County Jai, charged with failure to maintain lane, and DUI drugs, less safe.