NWGA Scanner | April 27th, 2021

Chattanooga man aims firearm at woman after she refuses to leave Dalton bar with him Sunday morning

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Sunday, November 15th, 2020, at approximately 2:47 AM, Officer Kell was patrolling the area of the Oyster Pub located at 933 Market Street due to the owner requesting an extra patrol around closing time. Officer Kell reported, “[I] observed a black male with dreadlocks, black beanie, and a brown trench coat, very clearly waving a black firearm around. The black male, later identified as Travis Bray Jr. of Chattanooga, TN, was standing in-between a white 2019 Kia Forte and a dark blue 2017 Chevrolet Impala. Travis then made eye contact with Officer Kell, noticing that the officer saw him with the firearm. Travis immediately ducked down between the two cars, causing the officer to lose visual of him. When the officer got behind the vehicles, Travis was standing back up and looking into the Chevrolet impala’s driver side window, which was occupied by another black male. Officer Kell exited his patrol vehicle and gave several loud, clear verbal commands for Travis to show his hands. Officer McBrayer, who was parked in front of the Oyster Pub’s front door, was advised over the radio that assistance was needed in the parking lot. Travis appeared to no longer have the firearm on him and complied by raising his hands up. Travis was placed into custody. Officer Kell advised both drivers they were not free to leave until further investigation. At this time, the black male driver of the Chevrolet Impala then exited the vehicle and began walking towards the officer. Officer Kell again issued clear verbal commands for him to stop and stand behind the car, but the male ignored them and continued asking me, “What did he [travis] do?”. Officer Kell Reported, “[I] then asked Travis where he put the gun at, to which he began stating he did not know what [I] was talking about.” “While [I] was speaking to Travis, [I] noticed the black male driver attempt to walk back to the driver side door and leave, to which [I] again gave clear verbal commands to stay where he was.” The black male then began yelling at the officer, telling him Travis was never at his car, which the officer knew to be false, given the fact he observed Travis next to the driver side window. Officer McBrayer arrived on the scene and was advised of the situation. The black male jumped back into the driver’s side of the car and sped away. The car drove through the parking lot, which was full of people walking around at an extremely high rate of speed. A BOLO was given out to dispatch regarding the vehicle. During this time, Officer McBrayer took a black female into custody for public drunkenness. The woman stated she was the “Victim” in the incident. The victim stated, “The man in the brown trench coat” pointed a gun at her, trying to get her to “Go home with him.” The victim stated when she was walking to her friend’s car, Travis had made a comment about wanting her to go home with him. She stated she did not know Travis and told him she was not going to do that. She stated at this time, Travis had the driver of the Impala hand him a firearm and then proceeded to aim the firearm at her. She stated she then put her hands in the air and asked Travis what he was doing, to which she stated Travis then started waving the firearm around and began repeating the statement, “Yeah, so what up then?”. She stated that is when Officer Kell pulled into the parking lot. She stated Travis then placed the gun back into the Impala. Travis proceeded to state that he didn’t do anything wrong and that the officer had falsely arrested him. Officer Kell transported the woman to the Whitfield County Jail. Travis was transported to the Jail charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a certain crime. Officer later learned that the Georgia State Patrol was working a vehicle crash on I-75 around mile marker 340, involving the Impala that recklessly fled from the Oyster Pub. Officers were advised that the driver had fled on foot from the scene of the crash. The registered owner turned out to be the suspect Travis Bray. The vehicle was already transported to the impound lot at the Dalton Police Department. A search warrant for the vehicle was obtained at a later date. Bray remains in the Whitfield County Jail with no bond.