NWGA Scanner | January 22nd, 2021

Chattanooga man found DUI at Dalton gas station after 911 call from retired police officers

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on January 14th, 2021, at around 9:45 PM, Officer Morang responded to the Race Trac gas station, 1511 West Walnut Avenue, in reference to a subject who had been seen weaving all over the interstate and was now parked in the parking lot. The 911 caller stated that he believed the driver to be highly intoxicated. The caller described the vehicle as a white Kia passenger car with a Florida tag. The officer located the vehicle parked near the entrance to the gas station parked diagonally and taking up two parking spots. The driver, Brandon Kristopher Cave, 46, of Chattanooga, TN, was still seated in the driver seat with the vehicle running and his foot on the brakes. Officer Black, who was driving my patrol vehicle, pulled behind this vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. At that time, Officer Black and Officer Morang approached the vehicle and made contact with Brandon. He said, “I’m headed back to Georgia,” when questioned. In this answer, he said, “Well, I know that I am back in Georgia now.” Brandon said he was coming from Tennessee and was explained that Tennessee was a very large state. He was asked to be more specific. Brandon stated that he was coming from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Officer Morang asked him how much alcohol he had to drink, and Brandon stated that he had a few drinks. Officer Morang reported, “[I] asked Brandon how many drinks was a few, and he said 4. [I] asked him what kind of drinks he had, and he stated “Ipas.” [I] then asked Brandon if he felt that he was safe to be driving, and he said yes.” While speaking with Brandon, the officer could see that his eyes were glassy, and he was slurring his words. Officer Morang reported, “Officer Black advised that he could smell the strong and distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Brandon’s person as soon as we made contact with him based on my training knowledge and experience [I] believed Brandon to be highly intoxicated.” Brandon immediately had a lot of trouble stepping out of the vehicle. Brandon struggled to stand up without falling over and was swaying back and forth as he tried to stand up. As Brandon stepped out of his vehicle, the officer noticed an open “Natural light tall boy” in the center cup holder. Officer Morang spoke with the caller, who explained that he and the other guy were both retired police officers who had a lot of experience with DUI enforcement. The 911 caller Explained that before he retired from his 30-year law enforcement career, he was a DUI investigator and assigned to a traffic enforcement unit. Both explained that they were traveling north on I-75 when they noticed Brandon’s vehicle around mile marker 312. They explained that the vehicle was swerving all over the interstate, so they began to follow his vehicle while they called 911 to get him stopped. They stated that they followed Brandon to the gas station. Both retired officers stated that they were in fear of the innocent public’s safety due to Brandon’s driving. Brandon was actually traveling north on 1-75 from Gordon County, which contradicted his original story. Brandon showed several clues of impermanent during the tests and refused to provide a breath sample. Brandon was placed under arrest for DUI driving under the influence of alcohol. Brandon then refused to submit to the state testing. A second natural light tallboy that was unopened was also found in the front passenger seat. Also inside of Brandon’s backpack were bottles of prescription pills that stated that they should not be taken with alcohol, can cause tiredness and dizziness, and should be careful when operating a vehicle. Brandon was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with DUI alcohol – less safe, driving while unlicensed, and open container.