NWGA Scanner | December 17th, 2021

Chattanooga woman’s tires shot by deputy she tried to run over during DUI pursuit in Chattooga County

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on December 11th, 2021, at around 5:23 AM, Deputy Alan Garmany was dispatched by Chattooga County E911 to the area of Highway 27 at Ridgeway Drive reference to off-duty Summerville Police Department Officer Sainthill was behind a vehicle with no headlights on traveling southbound Highway 27 towards Trion. Deputy Garmany reported, “[I] observed the vehicle traveling southbound with no headlights on, and SPD Officer Sainthill was behind the vehicle. [I] got into the turning lane as the vehicle passed me. [I] turned around on the vehicle with my emergency equipment activated to try and conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle at Highway 27 and Bulman Alley. [I] observed the vehicle as a White GMC Acadia with a Temporary Tennessee plate. [I] caught up to the vehicle. The driver accelerated the vehicle as we passed Deputy Chris Clark at the intersection of Highway 27 and Rossville Blvd.” Deputy Clark joined and advised Chattooga County E911 that they were in pursuit of the vehicle. The driver, later identified as Timia Yevette White, 19, of Chattanooga, continued Southbound on Highway 27 past Maffett Street. According to the report, “Ms. White was failing to maintain her lane going into the turning lane several times and going into the right-hand lane without signal, swerving in front of multiple vehicles causing the other motorist to switch lanes to avoid a vehicle crash or avoid bodily injury, traveling at speeds higher than the posted speed limit on wet roadways, and was not exercising due regards of other motorists on the roadway.” As the pursuit approached the Intersection of Highway 27 and Underwood Road, Ms. White had to brake excessively to avoid a rear-end collision with another motorist enabling Deputy Clark to go around Deputy Garmany and Ms. White’s vehicle to try and force her to a stop. According to the report, Deputies were able to get Ms. White to stop her vehicle in the median/turning lane just South of Underwood Road. Deputies exited their patrol vehicle with their duty weapons drew giving loud verbal commands. Deputy Garmany reported, “Ms. White looked at Deputy Clark reached down with her right hand inside the vehicle as to try and grab something but brought her hand back up gripping the steering wheel tight in her hands and accelerating her vehicle while turning left and turning immediate right back towards Deputy Clark and his patrol vehicle in the attempt to cause bodily harm towards Deputy Clark. After already causing a threat to Deputy Clark’s life and out of the threat of other lives on the roadway, Deputy Clark fired three shots into the front, and rear passenger side tire’s in the attempt to disable Ms. White’s vehicle with success. As the tire’s started to deflate Ms. White attempted to continue travel Southbound but was unable to which. She came to an abrupt stop in the right-hand lane in front of Bert’s Body Shop, causing me to collide with her vehicle’s rear driver side bumper and my patrol vehicle’s passenger side front bumper.” Deputy Clark and Deputy Garmany conducted a felony stop procedure on by holding her at gunpoint and giving her loud verbal commands to place the vehicle in park, to shut the vehicle off, and to step out of the vehicle. She complied with orders that were given to her and exited the vehicle without further incident. Deputy Garmany reported she showed several clues of impairment due to her slurred speech, drooping eyes, slow reaction time, and unable to keep balance. She advised that she was just trying to make it home to Talley Road in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A very strong odor of marijuana was emitting from inside the vehicle while deputies were speaking to her. Deputy Garmany reported, “[I] asked Ms. White if she had been consuming any alcohol, and Ms. White replied yes. [I] asked Ms. White how much she had been drinking, and Ms. White replied back a lot. [I] asked Ms. White how much is a lot, and Ms. White just continued stating it was a lot. [I] asked Ms. White if she took any medication, and she said yes, her “crazy medicine.” Deputy Villagomez transported Ms. White to the Chattooga County Jail, where she was charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, fleeing or attempting to elude for a felony offense, DUI multiple substances, reckless driving, failure to maintain a single lane, headlights required, too fast for conditions, seatbelt, and passing in a no-passing zone.