NWGA Scanner | August 24th, 2021

Chickamauga man arrested after 100 mph pursuit ends in serious crash on Highway 193 in Walker County

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on August 3rd, 2021, at around 11:12 AM, while was patrolling the area of Highway 136 and Highway 193, Deputy Fouts observed a 2006 BMW 325I with no tag. Deputy Fouts reported, “[I] pulled out after the vehicle, and they turned into Yanks Quick Stop. The vehicle then rapidly accelerated towards the exit onto West Highway 136.” According to the report, passenger Janice Davis, 49, of Chickamauga, opened her door and attempted to get out of the moving vehicle screaming, “Please stop let me out, let me out, let me out. The driver, later identified as Deonte Donrail Marsh, 29, of Chickamauga, ran the stop sign at Highway 136 and Highway 193, turning northbound on Highway 193. Deputy Fouts reported, “The victim was still attempting to exit the vehicle while the driver was doing this, and then the door shut due to the rapid turn onto Highway 193.” Marsh continued to accelerate to speeds well over 100 mph continuing northbound on Highway 193. Due to how reckless Marsh was driving at speeds over 100mph, the deputy backed off. Deputy Fouts reported, “As they turned the curve just south of High Point Drive at Highway 193 [I] lost sight of the vehicle. As [I] came around the curve [I] did not see the vehicle on the road and noticed the vehicle flipping through the air on the Eastside of the road.” According to the Georgia State Patrol crash report, “The BMW was fleeing from a marked Walker County Sheriff’s Office vehicle with all its emergency equipment activated. The BMW was attempting to negotiate a curve on a hill crest recklessly, at a very high rate of speed. Marsh lost control and traveled onto the west shoulder for 219 feet. The driver then traveled 89 feet back across the roadway out of control onto the east shoulder. The vehicle then struck a ditch, continuing up an embankment and began overturning for approximately 310 feet until the BMW came to rest on the east shoulder upright facing west.” “[I] stopped my vehicle, exited, and drew my issued duty weapon. The driver’s door then opened, and Marsh exited. [I] began giving verbal commands for him to get on the ground. He then ran towards 12183 Highway 193 in an attempt to flee on foot,” Deputy Fouts reported. The deputy did not give chase and rendered aid to the two other occupants in the vehicle. Janice Davis and Frank Marsh, 55, of Chickamauga, were both seriously injured and transported by CHI EMS to Erlanger in Chattanooga, according to the crash report. Frank was not wearing a seatbelt and was partially ejected from the vehicle. The deputy gave out Marsh’s description over the radio, advising his pants were sagging, showing a gray pair of boxer briefs. Deputy Fouts reported, ” Janice did not want to be in the car from the moment he took off. [I] then observed Frank was laying well over 20 feet from the vehicle, face down on the ground. Trooper Gideon detained Marsh after he walked up to the scene while he was investigating the crash. The deputy confirmed that it was the same man he saw running from the crashed vehicle. According to the report, “Marsh then began yelling about how he was going to sue the deputy and that he was in bed during this whole entire incident. Marsh then stated that his mother notified him that there was a bad wreck and that she did not want to get involved. He stated that she dropped him off just up the road from where the wreck was and he began walking towards it.” Marsh was transported to the Walker County Jail, where he was charged with fleeing, attempting to elude for felony offense, reckless driving for driving, reckless conduct, kidnapping, failure to maintain lane, failure to obey stop sign, hit and run for leaving the scene of an accident with serious injuries, and improper use of turn signal for driving with his turn signal for the entire length of the pursuit.