NWGA Scanner | May 27th, 2021

Cohutta woman charged with DUI after crashing while driving at a high rate of speed in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office report, on May 9th, 2021, at approximately 5:32 hours, Deputy Pritchard arrived at 305 Battle Way in reference to a report of a female later identified as Allison Lynn Headrick, 38, of Cohutta, knocking on the door of the residence asking for help. Headrick stated to the homeowner she had been in a vehicle crash. The deputy arrived on the scene and made contact with Headrick walking in the roadway on Battle Way in front of the residence. According to the report, “Ms. Headrick advised Deputy Pritchard she had wrecked her car, and she came running to this area trying to find help. Deputy Pritchard observed Ms. Headrick was barefoot and had minor cuts to both of her arms that were bleeding. As Ms. Headrick began to speak, Deputy Pritchard immediately smelled an odor of alcoholic beverages emitting from Ms. Headrick’s person. Deputy Pritchard also observed Ms. Headrick’s eyes were bloodshot.” Deputy Townsend located the Toyota Camry in a yard on Reed Road. The vehicle was on its driver’s side facing south. Headrick was confused as to the location of her vehicle. Headrick was asked how many alcoholic beverages she had consumed. Headrick stated she consumed three 12-ounce bottles of Bud Light beer. Headrick stated she consumed the beers “a while ago” and believed she was ok to be driving. Headrick showed several clues of impairment during field sobriety tests. Deputy Pritchard observed tire tracks on the right side of the roadway just north of Battle Way. The tire tracks went back onto the roadway and lined up with tire tracks on the left side of the roadway where the vehicle left the roadway. According to the report, “Deputy Pritchard observed tire tracks on the left side of the roadway and went to a culvert and a driveway. Deputy Pritchard observed scratch marks on the driveway that looked to have been impacted by a vehicle. Deputy Pritchard then observed Ms. Headrick’s vehicle laying on its driver side facing south approximately 75 feet from the roadway.” After seeing the crash and hearing statements, the deputy reported that Headrick was traveling north on Reed Road at Battle Way at a high rate of speed. As Headrick passed the battle way, she lost control of her vehicle and left the right side of the roadway. Headrick attempted to turn the vehicle back onto the roadway and overcorrected. According to the report, “This caused Headrick’s vehicle to travel back onto the left side of the roadway. Headrick’s vehicle then struck a culvert and the side of a driveway on Reed Road with the front of her vehicle. As the vehicle continued, the back end of the vehicle struck the culvert and driveway, which cause the vehicle to launch into the air. The vehicle rotated in the air end over end as well as rolled to the left. The vehicle then landed on the driver’s side as the roof the vehicle impacted several trees, stripping the bark off the trees. The vehicle then slid for a short distance north before coming to an uncontrolled rest against a cluster of trees.” Headrick consented to the state-administered chemical test of her blood. Headrick remained at the hospital and was not taken into custody at that time. Warrants for Headrick arrest were obtained for too fast for conditions failure to maintain lane, and DUI alcohol, less safe.