NWGA Scanner | April 10th, 2022

Convicted felon fights with officers after threatening and assaulting victim with gun in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on march 31st, 2022, at 2:44 PM, Officer Puckett was assisting with maintaining the perimeter at 140 Biddy Road during a warrant service. Officers were serving felony warrants on Stephen “Brad” Chambers, 40, of Rome. According to the warrants, Brad, a convicted felon, pointed a gun at a victim before violently beating him in the head with brass knuckles. Brad proceeded to threaten to kill two individuals while pointing a gun at them. According to the report, While speaking with his girlfriend at the end of the driveway, she was able to make contact with Brad via cell phone. Officer Puckett reported, “[I] had (her) place the phone on speaker so that [I] could hear the conversation between her and Brad. During this interaction [I] could hear Brad screaming profanities and cursing at officers. [I] had (her) tell Brad that he needed to exit the camper that he was inside of.” Brad said multiple times that he was unable to exit the camper. Brad continuously screamed and cursed at officers. Shortly after Brad was taken in custody by officers. Brad was very uncooperative and resisted officers while being escorted. According to the report, “Brad fought with officers, even more when they attempted to place him in the patrol vehicle. Once inside of the vehicle, Brad placed both of his feet on the rear door of the patrol vehicle in an attempt to prevent the officers from closing the door. Once Brad was inside of my patrol vehicle, he began to calm down.” During transport, Brad suddenly began complaining of chest pains and requested medical attention. Officer Puckett reported, “[I] called for an ambulance. However, due to Brad’s attitude and already showing a propensity for violence toward police, it was determined that [I] would transport Brad to the hospital. Brad was then cleared by medical staff. He was transported to the Floyd County Jail for booking. Brad arrived at the jail and became extremely combative while they were processing him. Brad was charged with aggravated assault x2, terroristic threats and acts x2, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, felony obstruction, and willful obstruction of a police officer.