NWGA Scanner | February 9th, 2022

Convicted felon found in possession of gun and meth during traffic stop for expired tag in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on January 24th, 2022, at around 2:26 AM, Officer Stanfield was performing mobile patrol in the area of GA 101 and Chateau Drive. Officer Stanfield reported, “[I] noticed an older model Chevrolet parked at a convenience store that [I] had been informed prior had numerous hand-to-hand drug transactions occur regularly. [I] did not notice anyone in the vehicle when [I] drove by, but [I] did observe a male approach the passenger side of the vehicle and lean in. Due to this, [I] went into a stationary patrol mode to observe the vehicle and male. [I] noticed the male at the passenger side for some time before heading back in. The vehicle backed out and went to leave. The vehicle stayed at the exit of the store for several minutes and began to go before stopping abruptly again. The vehicle eventually left the store and began traveling south on Georgia 101. [I] got behind the vehicle and observed the vehicle swerving in its lane. The vehicle was also observed touching the fog line once while on Georgia 101. [I] ran the license plate in order to identify the owner and possible driver. Dispatch advised me that the vehicle was expired on December 29th, 2021. Due to this, [I] initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle on Georgia 101 at Isbell Road.” The officer made contact with the driver, who was identified as Jason Nathaniel Pope, 48, of Rome. While talking with Pope, the officer advised he could smell an odor of marijuana coming from him. The odor was not present until he exited the vehicle. While searching Pope, he did advise he had a bag of meth in his front left pocket. The officer did locate the bag of meth where he said it was located. A search of the vehicle yielded a Bryco Arms Model 25 .25 Auto handgun from the center console. Officer Stanfield reported, “[I] was in the process of calling the Floyd County Sheriff’s office in order to check if Pope is a convicted Felon. Pope offered on his own accord that he was a convicted felon. Due to this admission, I did seize the firearm as evidence.” Pope was then transported to the Floyd County Jail, charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and operation of an unregistered vehicle.