NWGA Scanner | August 30th, 2022

Convicted felon found in possession of gun while trafficking meth during traffic stop in Gordon County

According to a Gordon County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On Sunday, August 14, 2022, at 1:13 AM, Deputy Phillips conducted a traffic stop on a multi-color Chevrolet truck bearing Georgia registration after observing a man with outstanding warrants identified as Jason Allen Bagley, 42, of Adairsville, at the Pilot Gas Station (2110 Highway 41 North) get into the driver seat. Deputy Phillips advised Bagley he was under arrest. According to their report, “Deputy Phillips then read Miranda warnings to Mr. Bagley. Deputy Phillips asked Mr. Bagley if he had anything illegal inside his vehicle. Mr. Bagley said yes, there are narcotics in the vehicle.” Deputy Phillips and Deputy Jinright then conducted a search on the vehicle. Deputies located a black handgun (in the middle seats of the truck, a black handgun in a black book bag on the passenger side seat, a black shotgun in the toolbox in the back of the truck, and a black rifle in the bed of the truck (Rugur LCP. 380, Keltec PF-9, Rossi .22 Long Rifle, 12 gauge shotgun). Deputies then located four clear baggies of meth, two clear baggies of marijuana, and $750 in his back left pocket. According to the report, “Deputy Phillips verified through NCIC criminal history that Bagley had multiple felonious convictions. Gordon County 911 advised Deputy Phillips that Mr. Bagley’s license had been suspended. The tag on the truck that Mr. Bagley was operating did not come back to the Chevrolet truck, and it came back as a red in color 2003 Dodge Caravan. Bagley was booked into the Gordon County Jail, charged with trafficking meth, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, possession of firearms while convicted felon, firearm used by a convicted felon while commission of a crime, drug-related objects, affixing license plate, and driving while suspended.