NWGA Scanner | April 24th, 2022

Convicted felon threatens estranged wife with murder-suicide during alcohol-fueled domestic in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On April 12th, 2022, at 8:07 PM, Officer Mobbs and Officer Masciovecchio were dispatched to an address on Fairhaven Drive in reference to a domestic dispute. The victim reported that her husband, Maurice Devon Brewster, 51, of Rome, was under the influence of alcohol and pointed a gun at her, threatening to kill them both. According to the report, The victim was barely able to get out of the house and go to a neighbor’s house for help. Officer arrived on the scene a spoke to the victim, who stated that she and Maurice were going through a divorce. Maurice was supposed to be getting his stuff out of the house but has not done it. Therefore the divorce was not finalized by the judge. She stated that they had court on Thursday, and ever since court Maurice had been drinking heavily nonstop and was extremely intoxicated at the time. She stated Maurice became very upset after she refused to sleep with him. Maurice then told her that they were both going to die then and went back upstairs. The victim stated that Maurice came back down a short time later and had a revolver, and pointed it at her. Maurice again told her that they were both going to die today. Officer Bryant arrived on the scene, and Officers attempted to make contact with Maurice via phone due to the information that Maurice had more firearms but was unsuccessful. Officer Bryant, Officer Mobbs, and Masciovecchio went up to the house and attempted to make contact by knocking loudly on the carport door and the front door. Maurice did not come to the door or make any contact with us. Sgt. glaze then called and activated SWAT and advised units on the scene to fall back. Several other units had arrived on the scene, including Officer Bray, Sgt. Holbrook and Officer Newport also arrived on the scene and held a perimeter until SWAT arrived to take over the scene. The victim showed police video of the two in the carport and Maurice with a revolver pulling the trigger, but it seemed that he was unable to make it fire. A short time later, officers were able to take Maurice into custody without incident. Maurice stated that he was not in any sort of altercation with the victim and was just sleeping. He then advised that he did not have any firearms inside. Maurice was discovered to be, in fact, a convicted felon. Maurice was transported to the Floyd County Jail and booked for aggravated assault – family violence, terroristic threats – family violence, and convicted felon in possession of a firearm.