NWGA Scanner | March 1st, 2021

Couple found possessing meth after being caught shoplifting from the Dalton Walmart

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on February 20th, 2021, at approximately 1213 PM, Officer Thornton responded to the Walmart located at 815 Shugart Road in regards to shoplifting. Officer Kapur and Officer Thornton made contact with loss prevention at Walmart. The associate stated that the male in the grey/blue shirt walking towards them in the parking lot was involved with the female they caught shoplifting inside. He stated that they had a video of him, but they could not stop him inside before he left the building. The male was identified as Joshua Jackson, 41, of Dalton. Jackson stated he was with his girlfriend, but he did not know where she was anymore. During a search of Jackson, officers located methamphetamine in his left hand along with two syringes were also found in one of his pant’s pockets. Officer Lewis watched Jackson while both officers went inside to speak to the female, Misty Moore, 33, of Rocky Face, who the associates had stopped and asked to come to loss prevention with them. Moore admitted to loss prevention to taking the items they found. The items were fake nails, nail polish, and a pair of shoes. The total estimated cost of the items taken is $39.46. During a search of her purse, officers found a bag full of syringes and a glass smoking pipe with residue. The residue was field-tested and came back positive for methamphetamine. Moore was also handcuffed and placed under arrest. Officers watched video footage from Walmart of the two suspects in the store. In the video, you can see Moore taking off her older shoes and putting on a pair from the rack. She then leaves her old shoes in the aisle and keeps the new pair of shoes on. The video also shows Moore with a pack of fake nails. It shows her hiding behind a rack of jeans while she opens the package. The package was later found near the jeans by an employee of loss prevention. Jackson can be seen taking a pair of headphones from a shelf in the back of the store. He can be seen in the video trying to return them at customer service and at the desk in electronics for money. Jackson and Moore were transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with theft by shoplifting, possession of controlled substance (meth), possession and use of drug-related objects. During the disrobing search of Moore, they found a small bag of methamphetamine on her person. Moore was also charged with crossing guard lines with drugs without consent.