NWGA Scanner | October 3rd, 2021

Covington man charged with DUI after crashing into rear-end of vehicle on I-75 in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on September 3rd, 2021, at approximately 9:18 PM, Deputy Spivey was dispatched to I-75 southbound at mile marker 337 in reference to a vehicle crash. According to the report, “Deputy Spivey arrived on scene and observed a black in color Nissan Rogue down an embankment on the left side of the roadway.” The driver of the vehicle who was from Nashville stated she was slowing down due to traffic congestion from another vehicle crash when she was struck from behind. Two witnesses stated that traffic was slowing down due to a crash just south of their location. They both stated a white in color Jeep Cherokee struck the victim’s vehicle from the rear, causing her vehicle to go down the embankment. According to the report, Deputy Spivey then spoke with the driver of the Jeep Cherokee, who would later be identified as Arthur Lee Holland, 74, of Covington, GA. Mr. Holland was approximately 97 yards south from the initial contact of the crash. Deputy Spivey asked Mr. Holland if he drank any alcoholic beverage. Mr. Holland replied no. Mr. Holland would later state he was traveling south on the interstate, and a car in front of him slowed down, and he did not have enough time to slow down before crashing into the rear of the vehicle.” The deputy asked Holland again if he drank an alcoholic beverage because he was slurring his words. Holland stated no, and he was slurring his words because he was just old. According to the report, “Another witness to the crash stated he witnessed the crash occur and that he was following the Jeep Cherokee since the Costco in Ringgold, Georgia. He stated the Jeep Cherokee was failing to maintain its lane and was afraid the driver was going to cause a bad crash. The man even stated he reported the vehicle to the Catoosa and Whitfield County Communication Center for a BOLO to be put out in hopes he would be stopped. The concerned citizen/witness even had video evidence of the Jeep Cherokee failing to maintain his lane. The witness stated Holland did not hit his brakes before the crash. Another separate witness stated he observed the Jeep Cherokee traveling at a high rate of speed passing him when he was traveling at approximately 80 MPH.” That witness also stated when the traffic started to slow down due to the congestion. The Jeep Cherokee did not slow down. He also stated Holland did not hit his brakes before the crash. According to the report, “When Mr. Holland pulled down his mask, Deputy Spivey could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Mr. Holland. Mr. Holland’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was .173. Deputy Spivey asked Mr. Holland again if he had anything to drink. Mr. Holland stated he drank two shots of vodka approximately five hours ago.” Holland agreed to the state blood test. Holland then also stated he drank two vodkas mixed with 7Ups, but the vodka shots were doubles. According to the report, Holland quickly left Hamilton Medical Center before being discharged. The deputy took warrants for DUI driving under the influence of alcohol less safe and following too closely. On September 25th, 2021, Holland was booked into the Whitfield County Jail.