NWGA Scanner | July 25th, 2022

Dalton man arrested after violently beating girlfriend during domestic assault

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On July 4th, 2022, at 10:31 AM, Officer Walker responded to Hamilton Medical Center in reference to a domestic assault. The caller stated that one of the patients in the emergency room had been violently assaulted by her boyfriend two days prior. According to the report, “The female victim would most likely not want to talk to law enforcement.” Officer Walker reported, “[I] immediately noticed that she had obvious severe injuries and visible bruising on her face, head, arms, and wrist. [I] noticed that she had a darker-colored bruise on the right side of her neck that appeared to be consistent with being choked or grabbed forcefully on the neck. [I] noticed there were red marks and bruising on the other side of her neck as well, but not the same severity of bruising.” The victim advised the officer that she and her boyfriend were in an argument on Saturday, July 2nd, inside his vehicle. According to the report, “She stated her boyfriend (identified as Steven Anthony Franklin, 49, of Dalton) had gotten off of work, and the two of them had both been consuming alcohol. She stated while they were in the parking lot of and they started to argue. She stated that her boyfriend then punched her several times in the face, neck, arms, and ribs.” The victim advised that she recently had a nephew pass away, and her family had a funeral for him. She stated that Steven had not met her nephew while he was living, but he started to make very rude comments about him and insult her deceased nephew. The victim was angered by the comments and advised Steven to cut it out. She stated that this made Steven enraged and angry. She stated he then reached across the car and violently “Back-handed” her in the face. Officer Walker reported, “She stated he hit her in the nose when he did this with the back of his hand. [I] could see the visible injury on the bridge of her nose and her forehead. The skin was slightly swollen and red on this spot. She stated that Steven then started to punch her multiple times on several parts of her body. She advised during the assault, Steven choked her. She advised she did not call the police because she did not wish to press charges against Steven. According to the report, “The only reason she went to the hospital was that she was in severe pain. She advised she come to the hospital to make sure nothing was broken. The x-rays taken on her ribs showed her to have serious inflamed/swollen tissue around her ribs. The officer then documented the injuries to the female victim. Officer Walker, as with any domestic violence case, helped the victim and explained to her everything she could do moving forward, like obtaining a temporary protective order, victim’s bill of rights, and local resources. Officer Walker reported, “The victim began to cry at the end of our conversation. It was clear she was highly upset about the situation and seemed like she needed help. Steven was booked into the Whitfield County Jail, and charged with aggravated assault and battery.