NWGA Scanner | December 30th, 2021

Dalton man arrested again for DUI after being found passed out drunk behind the wheel

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on December 11th, 2021, at around 4:43 AM, Officer Bell responded to an address on Andrea Ct in reference to a suspicious vehicle being parked in front of the residence for approximately 30 minutes. The officer arrived on the scene and observed a red Chevrolet truck parked in front of the residence with the engine and lights on. Officer Bell reported, “As [I] approached the vehicle, [I] observed that the driver side window was rolled down and a male subject, later identified as Cristian Sanchez Corchado, 23 of Dalton, was sitting in the driver’s seat with his arm out of the window. [I] announced my presence as [I] approached the vehicle but did not get a response from Cristian. As [I] got closer to the vehicle, [I] observed that Cristian’s head was leaned back on the headrest as if he was sleeping.” The officer immediately smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle while standing at the driver’s side door, attempting to wake the driver. Cristian began to slowly gain consciousness and began flailing his arms. The officer opened the driver’s door and asked Cristian to exit the vehicle. He then grabbed the door and shut it back while mumbling, “Nuh uh.” Officer Bell reported, “[I] advised dispatch that [I] would need another unit due to Cristian’s uncooperativeness. [I] again opened Cristian’s door and put myself between Cristian and the door so he would not be able to shut it again. [I] Advised Cristian again to step out of the vehicle, to which he again stated, “No.” [I] then grabbed Cristian’s left wrist and began pulling him out of the vehicle. Cristian then grabbed the steering wheel of his vehicle with his right arm in order to stay in the vehicle. [I] again began pulling Cristian out of the vehicle at which he fell out of the vehicle and onto the ground.” The officer assisted him back up, and he then attempted to get back inside the vehicle. The officer then pushed I Cristian up against the side of his vehicle and began placing Cristian into handcuffs. According to the report, the officer noticed that his pullover sweatshirt was soaked in what appeared to be vomit. Officer O’Neal then arrived on the scene to assist. Officer Bell Reported, While walking to the front of my vehicle, [I] noticed that Cristian was displaying a lack of coordination, difficulty standing, and while speaking, had exceptionally poor, slurred, mumbled speech. Due to Cristian’s initial uncooperativeness and state of intoxication, [I] did not feel that it was safe to allow Cristian out of handcuffs to perform field sobriety.” Cristian agreed to submit to the state-administered test of his breath. Cristian gave a breath sample at the jail and showed a breath alcohol count (BrAC) of .170 grams of alcohol. Cristian was booked into the Whitfield County Jail charged with driving while suspended (DUI) and DUI (2nd offense).