NWGA Scanner | October 31st, 2022

Dalton man arrested again for DUI after leaving the scene of crash with concrete mailbox

According to a Dalton Police Department report, On October 9th, 2022, at 6:17 AM, Officer Putnam was dispatched to the intersection of Dug Gap Road at Oakmont Drive in reference to a vehicle stopped on the opposite side of the road headed south into the direction of oncoming traffic. Officer Putnam arrived and made contact with the driver, later identified as Bailey Ethan Tucker Grimes, 23, of Dalton, and the front-seat passenger, Zachary Coleman. Officer Putnam observed the vehicle’s driver’s side front tire was flat. The vehicle had also been involved in a collision due to sustaining major damage to the driver’s side hood, door, and windshield. The rearview mirror on the driver’s side was completely torn off. The lower front bumper had been ripped off of the vehicle and was not located at the scene. The entire passenger side of the vehicle had been involved in a separate collision which transferred white paint to the doors and quarter panel of the black car. The passenger Coleman acted very surprisedly when he was made aware that they had been involved in a crash. Mr. Coleman could not provide an answer to officers that made any sense. Officer Putnam reported, “As [I] leaned closer to the vehicle window to listen to Mr. Coleman, [I] detected the strong smell of alcohol coming from inside the car. [I] asked Mr. Grimes what he had collided with before coming to a stop. Mr. Grimes was slouched over in the front seat and would not look at me to acknowledge my presence. [I] once again smelled the presence of alcohol coming from the vehicle. [I] asked Mr. Grimes, “How much have you had to drink tonight?” he looked up at me and said, “Two,” and immediately looked back down, continuing to slouch over while putting his hands in his face. [I] asked Mr. Grimes to step out of the vehicle and talk to me. Mr. Grimes continued to hold onto the steering wheel and said, “Why?” and then, “No”. [I] asked Mr. Grimes a second time that [I] needed him to exit the vehicle and talk to me. Once again, Mr. Grimes told me, “No”.” Officers had to physically remove Grimes. When asked if he would do field sobriety tests. Mr. Grimes began stating, “What does it matter?” “I know that I’m going to jail”. “Just put me back in cuffs.” Grimes displayed very glassy eyes and dilated pupils during this entire interaction. Grimes spoke with very incoherent, broken phrases, and his speech sounded very slurred. Officer Putnam reported, “[I] asked Mr. Grimes once again if he would agree to complete the field sobriety tests and he said “No, just put me back in handcuffs and take me to jail”.” Grimes was placed under arrest for DUI. Officer Herrera then located a concrete mailbox that was destroyed by the vehicle on South Tibbs Road. Officers located pieces of the vehicle where the mailbox was struck. Grimes then advised he wanted to go with EMS after he was advised he was under arrest. Grimes refused the state test. At the hospital, Grimes stood up, and he stated to the officer, “I’m fine, and I’m tired of wasting time”. “I know that you’re taking me to jail”. “Just put me back into handcuffs.” Officer Putnam reported, “[I] called a nurse back over to the room and made them aware that Mr. Grimes removed his I.V. And was becoming belligerent and uncooperative. The nurse stated that they could not force him to stay there and receive treatment against his will.” Officer Putnam was able to get a search warrant for Grimes’s blood signed by Judge Weaver. While inside the Whitfield County Jail, Officer Putnam printed out a copy of the driver’s history and criminal history for Grimes to verify if he was a habitual violator. The officer confirmed that this would be his 2nd DUI offense in 2022. Grimes was booked into the Whitfield County Jail and charged with DUI – less safe (2nd offense), leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to maintain lane.