NWGA Scanner | May 8th, 2022

Dalton man arrested for DUI after causing crash with injuries on Walnut Avenue

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On April 26th, 2022, at 9:27 PM, Officer D. Jones responded to a motor vehicle crash with injuries on East Walnut Avenue and South Glenwood Avenue. Officer Jones arrived and observed a gray Honda CRV along with a Ford Ranger involved in the crash. The driver of the Ranger was identified as Daniel Vernon Campbell, 59, of Dalton, who said that several people had stopped in front of him, causing the collision. Officer Jones reported, “When [I] was asking Campbell what wrecker service he wished to use, he appeared to have difficulty understanding or to comprehend what [I] was asking him. A Dalton firefighter repeated my question to him, and we were still unable to get a coherent answer out of him. Campbell changed the subject and stated that “All of this is unnecessary,” as other emergency vehicles were arriving on the scene. [I] told Campbell to focus on what [I] was asking him and not his surroundings. He was still unable to provide a coherent answer to my questions.” Officer Black then began to speak with Campbell to determine his sobriety while Officer Jones worked the remainder of the traffic accident scene. The victim stated that traffic had slowed to a near stop but was still moving for an unknown reason. The victim’s vehicle was struck from behind by Campbell, who was driving the Ford Ranger. Officer Black asked Campbell if he would do field sobriety tests, but he said, “Or what, or what?” Campbell stated that his wife was supposed to be arriving on the scene soon to pick him up and that she was a minister. Campbell also denied having consumed alcohol due to having just left work for Dalton Parks and Recreation. Officer Jones reported, “At this point, Campbell’s person reeked of alcoholic beverages, and he did not appear to be coherent. Campbell was placed under arrest by Officer Black for DUI. Based on Campbell being arrested for the suspicion of driving while intoxicated, [I] searched the vehicle for fruits of the crime of driving while under the influence. [I] located an opened box of Franzia Chardonnay wine on the passenger’s side floorboard and what appeared to be toothpaste in a shopping bag. The interior of the truck smelled like an alcoholic beverage, namely wine, which had been spilled all over the passenger’s side door.” Officer also located two sprite bottles that had alcohol inside them. Campbell was charged with DUI, open container of alcohol violation, and following too closely.