NWGA Scanner | May 23rd, 2022

Dalton man arrested for DUI after driving drunk all over South Thornton Avenue on the rim after losing tire

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On May 10th, 2022, at 10:33 PM, Officer Selby heard over the radio of a BOLO for a vehicle that was driving on the rim due to losing a tire. A few moments later Sgt Parker observed the vehicle traveling north on South Thornton Avenue and conducted a traffic stop. Officer Selby reported, “Moments later [I] was asked by Sgt. Parker to assist her with a traffic stop due to the driver possibly being impaired by drugs. [I] was en route from the area of the Dalton Convention Center. As [I] was traveling east on West Walnut Avenue near Morton Drive [I] started to observe pieces of debris in the left hand lane that seemed to be pieces of a tire or vehicle. I] then continued this direction and turned left to travel north on South Thornton Avenue. Once on South Thornton Avenue, [I] approached the intersection of South Thornton Avenue at West Franklin Street and observed a whole tire sitting in the left-hand lane. [I] then immediately noticed a carved line in the pavement from a vehicle. This line was wiggling throughout the lane the entire way to the vehicle. The driver Latzaro Alfredo Salazar, 20, Dalton, advised officers he had smoked marijuana prior to driving and advised he hadn’t taken anything else. Officer Selby reported, “[I] then asked Latzaro about his tire missing, and he said, “That’s literally what [I] am waiting to figure out, dude. I have no f***ing clue.”. [I] then told him that his tire is actually near West Walnut Ave and South Thornton Ave. He then said that somebody was actually yelling at him on Thornton, “Don’t f***ing drive, your f***ing tire is out or some s**t.”. During field sobriety tests, Latzaro showed several signs of impairment and showed a BAC of .140 on a PBT. During this time, the officer reported that the odor of alcohol became very apparent from Latzaro’s mouth area. Latzaron was placed under arrest for DUI and refused the state test. Latzaro was transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Officer Selby reported, “Once at the jail, Latzaro’s mood was changing quickly from relaxed to angry. Due to Latzaro refusing to provide a breath sample, [I] then filled out the ALS form. [I] then went back inside of the booking to explain this form to Latzaro. However, [I] was informed by booking staff that he was moved to another area due to urinating on the floor of the booking and banging his own head on the wall repeatedly. Regardless, his driver’s license was taken and will be mailed to DDS with the ALS form. Latzaro was charged with DUI (alcohol less safe), weaving over the roadway, and tire requirements.