NWGA Scanner | August 20th, 2021

Dalton man arrested for DUI after running stop sign and driving reckless early Sunday morning

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Sunday, August 15th, 2021, at approximately 3:40 AM, Officer Morang saw a black passenger car not stop at the stop sign before making a right turn and traveling west on Cascade Drive. The officer left the parking lot and began traveling west on Cascade behind the suspect vehicle. Officer Morang reported, “As [I] began trying to catch up to this vehicle [I] noticed that it was accelerating rather quickly and appeared to still be pulling away from me. [I] then saw the vehicle make a sudden left turn onto lance street. When it did this, [I] could hear the tires on the vehicle squealing even with the windows up on my patrol vehicle. It also sounded like the vehicle struck the curb as it made this turn. As [I] turned onto Lance Street, [I] could tell that the suspect vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed, so [I] activated my emergency blue lights in an attempt to get the attention of the driver and signal him to stop.” The vehicle came to a stop at the intersection of Lance Street and Tyler Street. The officer made contact with the driver, identified as Dandy Perez, 27, of Dalton. When asked what happened, Dandy stated he was traveling too fast and was about to miss his turn, so he pulled his emergency parking brake to be able to make the quick turn onto Lance Street. Officer Morang reported, “[I] then explained that [I] was originally stopping him for running the stop sign at Trammel Street and cascade Drive. Dandy appeared confused and did not offer an explanation for running this stop sign. [I] asked Dandy if he was driving so fast because he was trying to get away from me, and he said no. Dandy stated that he was driving this way because he was going through a lot.” Dandy advised the officer he was coming from Chattanooga. According to the report, Dandy seemed very confused about where he was and where he was headed. The officer asked Dandy if he had anything to drink tonight, and he said yes. Officer Morang reported, “[I] asked him how much he had to drink, and he stated that he had two beers. While speaking with Dandy, the officer could smell a strong and distinct odor of alcoholic beverages coming from Dandy. Dandy showed several clues of impairment during field sobriety tests and showed a BrAC level of 0.147 grams Alco-Sensor. Officer Morang then placed Dandy under arrest for DUI. Dandy then agreed to submit to a state-administered test of his breath. During the search of the vehicle Officer McDaniel located, on the front passenger side of the vehicle, an orange pill bottle containing pills. Officers also located a metal can containing suspected marijuana and a plastic bag containing suspected marijuana. When asked why he was in possession of these, Dandy stated that he wished to insert his 5th amendment right to remain silent. The drugs were entered into evidence to be destroyed due to Officer Morang not charging Dandy with the possession of marijuana or the pills not in their original container. Dandy was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, where he registered a BrAC of 0.152. Dandy was charged with failure to stop for a stop/yield sign, too fast for conditions, reckless driving, and DUI 0.08 grams or more for drivers 21 or over.