NWGA Scanner | September 9th, 2021

Dalton man arrested for DUI again after driving reckless in Whitfield County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on August 13th, 2021, at approximately 1:00 PM, Trooper Cadet Deyton and Trooper Hensley were patrolling on GA-286 in the area of Mitchell Bridge Road. Trooper Cadet Deyton reported, “[I] observed a silver Honda passenger car traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. [I] observed the vehicle had a large cloud of white smoke behind it, [I] activated my front radar antenna and confirmed the vehicle was traveling 81 MPH 26 MPH over the posted 55 MPH speed limit.” The trooper attempted a traffic stop and observed the suspect vehicle making an abrupt turn onto a gravel road. I observed the suspect vehicle in the driveway of the residence. Trooper Cadet Deyton reported, “[I] exited my vehicle and observed a white male, later identified as Shaun Lee Wood, 27, of Dalton, exiting the driver’s side of the suspect vehicle. Trooper First Class Hensley exited the patrol vehicle and spoke with a female who owned the property who advised she did not know the male and they were not seeking employees or expecting visitors. Trooper Cadet Deyton reported, “Shaun exited his vehicle fast and not in a manner compliant people exit their vehicles, as he had one hand hid from view. [I] immediately told the subject to show me his hands, when [I] could see his hands, [I] approached him and began patting him down for weapons, as [I] was doing, so TFC Hensley advised me to detain the subject.” Shaun was detained without incident. According to the report, Trooper Cadet Deyton immediately noticed the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Shaun. He was observed sweating profusely, his pupils were constricted, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery. According to the report, Shaun advised he was not running from the trooper, advising he was checking to see if the farm needed some workers. When asked if he had drunk any the night prior, Shaun advised he drank around half a bottle of Jim Bean, stopping at around 1:00 AM. During Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus evaluation, the trooper cadet observed 6 out of 6 clues. Trooper Cadet Deyton reported, “While speaking to the subject [I] noticed his speech was slurred. Shaun refused to provide a preliminary breath test. Shaun’s attitude during my dealings with him seemed extreme, as he would be compliant and nice using sir one minute, and the next he would be using profanity and making vague threats toward TFC Hensley.” Shaun’s GA ID was run through GCIC and returned as being suspended since 2015 for DUI. The registration on the vehicle GA tag was run through GCIC and returned as being canceled, according to the report. Shaun was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, charged with DUI, reckless driving, driver to exercise due care/proper use of phones and radios, speeding, driving with a suspended or revoked license, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, and operating a motor vehicle with suspended/revoked/canceled registration. According to reports, Shaun was arrested by Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office for DUI in 2019.