NWGA Scanner | July 29th, 2022

Dalton man arrested on DUI child endangerment charges after leaving the scene of crash

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On July 4th, 2022, Officer Hill responded to the area of Barbara Avenue in reference to a hit and run crash that occurred in front of Krystal’s on McGhee Drive. A black 2013 Ford F-150 with an expired Tennessee temporary tag involved in the crash left the crash scene without stopping and checking on the other occupants or waiting for law enforcement. A witness to the crash followed the F-150 around and told dispatch every location until Dalton Police officers located it at the Walnut Colony. Officer O’Neal spoke to the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash. He advised that the black F-150 would have significant damage on the front end. Officer Hill reported, “[I] then observed significant damage to the front driver side bumper of the black F-150. [I] observed red paint transfer on the front of the black F-150. It should be noted that the other vehicle involved in the traffic crash was a red Jeep. The black F-150 was also very sloppily parked in the parking spot, not fully within the lines and crooked.” The officer observed several open containers of Modelo inside the truck. Through further investigation, officers located the driver, identified as Pablo Tercero Perez, 36, of Dalton. Pablo advised he only had a “couple of beers” to drink. Pablo then advised that his cousin Jerardo was actually the one driving and that they had left a family cookout. According to the report, “Pablo and Jerardo then started going back and forth contradicting their own statements about who was actually driving.” Officer Hill reported, “[I] eventually was able to trap Pablo into his statement that he did, in fact, drive the black F-150 at one time. He admitted to being involved in the crash but claimed that he was not at fault, so he did not have to stop, implying that he acknowledged that he was driving. During my conversation with Pablo, [I] detected the strong and distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. [I] also noticed that his eyes were glossy and red. [I] also noticed that his speech was slurred and slow. He had a difficult time maintaining his train of thought.” Officer Hill asked Pablo if he would do a few field sobriety tests to make sure that he was safe to drive. Pablo stated that he was not sure why Officer Hill would need to because he was not planning on driving anymore. During field sobriety tests, Pablo showed several signs of impairment and stated that he would show alcohol in his system if he did a PBT. Pablo was placed under arrest for DUI and agreed to the state test. Pablo was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, where he showed a BAC of .160. Pablo stated to the officer that while he was driving with his 5-year-old son, a vehicle pulled in front of him, causing him to crash. He then stated that he picked up his 13-year-old daughter and 11-year-old daughter from the mall. According to the report, “He stated that he called his cousin to come over and help because he was scared of going to jail again for DUI. He stated that he was just arrested for DUI. It was determined that Pablo’s license had been suspended from his last DUI and that he was currently on a DUI driving permit that allows him to only drive to work, school, or a medical event/appointment. Pablo was charged with DUI, open container violation, operating without a proper tag/decal, hit and run, violation of conditions of a limited driving permit, and DUI (endangering a child) x3.