NWGA Scanner | February 3rd, 2021

Dalton man attempts to avoid DUI by running inside house after being stopped in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Saturday, January 30th, 2021, at approximately 2:42 AM, Deputy Robledo initiated a traffic stop at Dug gap Road and Seminole Drive on a black Nissan due to not having tail lights on. The vehicle turned on to Seminole drive and pulled into a driveway at 1208 Seminole Drive. The driver parked the vehicle and exited the vehicle, quickly running inside. The passenger of the vehicle got out of the vehicle, dropped his phone on the floor, and continued to go toward the door of the house. The deputy was able to make contact with the passenger. The deputy asked the passenger if he would ask the driver of the vehicle to come outside. The passenger of the vehicle went inside and shut the door on the deputy. At this point, the deputy requested an additional unit. The deputy knocked on the door, and the driver of the vehicle, Joseph Michael Alan Canales, 22 of Dalton, answered the door. When asked, Canales stated he was not the driver, and no one was driving the vehicle. The deputy advised Canales of the reason for the traffic stop. Canales said it was not his vehicle, and he was not sure how to operate the taillights. When asked again, Canales stated he was the driver. The deputy reported Canales as having glossy eyes, kept stuttering as he spoke, and was unsteady on his feet. The deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Canales. Canales stated he was coming from Apple Bees. Canales stated he had not had anything to drink. Canales stated the passenger was Adrian Lopez and he was the owner of the vehicle. Canales stated Lopez was too intoxicated to drive, so he drove his vehicle. Canales stated Lopez had already gone to sleep. When asked why he ran inside, Canales stated he did see the blue lights of the patrol vehicle, but he went inside to put something inside. When asked what he put inside, he stated several different stories. Canales said he had one beer to drink at Apple Bees. Several more deputies arrived on the scene. Deputy Pritchard performed field sobriety on Canales. Due to Canales’s actions, poor performance on field sobriety, and admission of drinking an alcoholic beverage, he was placed under arrest. Canales was handcuffed and read implied consent notice for suspects age 21and over, where he gave consent for the test of his breath. Inside the black Nissan, deputies stated beer cans and growlers could be seen in plain view. After a search of the vehicle, two empty growlers from Cherokee brewing and pizza and 3 empty Michelob Ultra cans were found. Officer Byrd from the Tunnel Hill Police Department arrived at the Whitfield County Jail assisted with the breath test. Canales gave two breath samples. The lowest score of the two was 0.162 BrAC. Canales was cited for DUI-alcohol 0.08 grams or more and tail light.