NWGA Scanner | February 9th, 2022

Dalton man discovered to be driving stolen vehicle after being stopped for speeding in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on January 23rd, 2022, at 8:28 AM, Officer Nelson was traveling South on SR 27, passing Booze Mountain Road running Moving radar. Officer Nelson reported, “When [I] observed a Gray Nissan Altima traveling north on SR 27 at a high rate of speed, my radar also picked up the Nissan and displayed that the vehicle was traveling at 70 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. [I] immediately began to slow my rate of speed while checking for oncoming traffic and traffic behind me. As the vehicle passed, [I] made it clear that the Northbound lanes were safe and began to turn around while activating my emergency light and audible siren. [I] then attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle’s rate of speed began to decline but did not come to a stop for some time. The vehicle came to a stop in the gore of the entrance to the Georgia Highlands College, [I] then exited my patrol vehicle and began to walk to the driver’s side of the vehicle. [I] observed that the vehicle had possibly two passengers and driver, [I] then made contact with the driver stating that [I] had pulled the vehicle over for driving in excess of the posted speed limit by 15 miles per hour.” The driver, identified as Jeffery Allen Hughes, 55, of Dalton, advised the officer he didn’t have his license on him and gave his information. The officer reported he began to write a citation for the speeding infraction and was notified by dispatch that Jeffery had a suspended license due to multiple previous conditions. Jeffery explained that his license was suspended due to child support obligations. Jeffery was then placed under arrest. Officer Nelson reported, “[I] identified the passengers as Mellisa Adkins (Front Passenger) and Justin Rogers (Back Passenger), [I] relayed this information to dispatch and was notified that neither of the two had a valid drivers license. [I] then asked who owned the vehicle, to which Mellisa stated that they were borrowing the car from a friend. [I] then informed Mellisa and Justin that they would have to find another driver to come remove the car from the side of the road, to which they stated that they had contacted a friend to come get them and the vehicle. [I] then stated to them that they were not to drive the vehicle away from the scene. (During the incident, it was unknown to myself or dispatch that the vehicle was stolen due to the fact that disptch was not notified via GCIC of the stolen status due to the vehicle not being entered by Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office.) Later that day, [I] was notified by dispatch that a subject wanted to speak with me regarding the 2017 Nissan Altima that was involved with the traffic stop. When [I] made contact with the subject, she identified herself and stated that the Nissan had been stolen from her on Friday by Jeffery Hughes and that she had filed a report with Whitfield County on Saturday January 22nd. [I] then contacted Whitfield County Sheriff’s Department’s Non-emergency line and explained the situation the attendant. [I] was able to give her the information for the car and ask why the vehicle had not been entered. The dispatcher stated to me that she was going to connect me with the Deputy that took the report. [I] then made contact with Deputy Singleton with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Singleton then explained to me that the report had been sent in to be processed for the entry into GCIC, but the report had been “kicked back” due to an error in the system. This caused the vehicle to not be entered into GCIC as stolen and is the reason that [I] was unaware of the status of the vehicle. [I] then returned to the Floyd County Police Department and revised the original charges of Speeding and Driving while suspended to include Receiving Stolen Property Felony.” Floyd County Police officers were unable to locate the other two occupants or the stolen vehicle.