NWGA Scanner | September 28th, 2022

Dalton man flees recklessly from Dalton police officer after shoplifting from Kroger

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On September 18th, 2022, at 3:38 PM, Officer Jones, along with Officer Black, responded to the Kroger on West Walnut to a report of a male that was actively shoplifting. As officers were arriving in the area, dispatch reported that the male, later identified as Dexter Burton Greene, 36, of Dalton, was fleeing the parking lot in an F-150. Officer Warren spotted Greene driving recklessly and attempted a traffic stop. Greene accelerated and began passing vehicles on the wrong side of the road traveling north on Tibbs Road at a high rate of speed. According to the report, “Officer Warren did not pursue the vehicle in accordance with Dalton Police Department’s pursuit policy. Shortly after this, the lookout was broadcasted by Whitfield 911 about the truck running red lights and running other motorists off the roadway while driving extremely recklessly.” Officers spoke to the Kroger employee and viewed footage from the shoplifting. The employee observed Greene with a buggy full of times that totaled $199.87 after tax. According to the report, “Some of those items included Milo sweet tea, Smirnoff alcohol, Franks red hot sauce, deli chicken, sabra hummus, fritters, Sargento cheese, among other items.” Greene took off and pushed the shopping cart out of Kroger without making any attempt to purchase the items in his shopping cart. The employee stated he asked Greene if he intended on paying for the items like everyone else. Greene responded, “What? I can’t get f***ing food for my family?” Greene then took off on foot, going to the F-150 and driving recklessly through the parking lot. Greene also nearly struck another customer as they were backing out of a parking spot. Officer located Greene’s truck at the Willowdale Stay Lodge. Greene was located by officers and detained. Officer Jones reported, “Greene was positively identified as the male in the Kroger video [I] had watched. [I] also noted that Greene had a tattoo that matched the employee’s description of Greene’s neck tattoo. Greene was also wearing the same shorts and shoes from the video. Greene continually denied having been driving nor having been at the Kroger grocery store.” Greene was banned from Kroger and booked into the Whitfield County Jail, charged with theft by shoplifting, fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement officer, driving while license suspended or revoked, and passing in a no-passing zone. According to arrest records from Whitfield County and arrest reports from Dalton PD, Greene has a very lengthy criminal history.