NWGA Scanner | December 9th, 2021

Dalton man points gun at son during physical domestic in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on November 25th, 2021, at approximately 12:02 AM, Deputies Sharp and Haven were dispatched to address on Peregrine Way in response to a domestic dispute between a father and son. According to the report, “Deputies met with the caller Gregory Whitmire, 58, of Dalton, who guided the deputies downstairs to where his son was believed to be in his bedroom. Thomas Whitmire was indeed in his bedroom, asleep in his bed. After waking and checking him for any weapons, Deputy Sharpe spoke with him while Deputy Haven spoke with Gregory Whitmire in another room. Gregory Whitmire said that his son, Thomas, had picked him and his wife, Dana Whitmire, up from a bar after they had been heavily drinking.” After getting home, random conversations Thomas’s personal life started up. This eventually led to Thomas and Dana arguing with each other. At this point, Gregory went into his bedroom and retrieved a .38 Smith and Wesson Special Revolver, coming back out into the kitchen where the arguing was, and he pointed the gun at his son. Gregory stated that he did not like his son disrespecting his wife. Gregory led the gun down and decided to tackle Thomas to the ground. According to the report, “Deputy Haven asked how exactly they fought physically. Gregory wasn’t too straight when giving an answer but stated it was like a “wrestling match”, no punches were thrown it was just a bunch of “back and forth” on the floor. Thomas said that he and his mother weren’t really arguing it was just a disagreeing topic. Thomas said that it was more verbal arguing between him and his dad from the get-go. Thomas would not say much more than that as if he was trying to protect his dad.” Thomas said this was just another fight between him and his dad. Dana confirmed that she and her husband had drunk a little bit to the point that they knew they shouldn’t be driving. After getting home, she said that Thomas began to have a fit about her and Gregory never being there for him and how they never support him in anything. Dana stated that there was a gun drawn. According to the report, “Dana was able to provide footage from a living room camera that showed Gregory indeed pulling a gun and aiming it at Thomas; that was all the footage that was able to be retrieved. Gregory was transported to Whitfield County Jail, charged with simple battery (FVA) and pointing/aiming a gun or pistol at another.