NWGA Scanner | September 9th, 2021

Dalton man spits blood on trooper while being arrested again for DUI after crashing in Whitfield County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on August 25th, 2021, at approximately 6:45 PM, Trooper Chiesa responded to a crash involving a vehicle from a BOLO. The trooper arrived on the scene and spoke with the EMT, who advised the driver Shaun Lee Wood, 27, of Dalton, was trying to say he was the passenger, and the driver ran. Trooper Chiesa reported, “[I] saw Mr. Wood (driver) yelling at a female. He kept moving towards or closer to her in an aggressive manner. As [I] got close enough, [I] heard her tell him not to threaten her. [I] attempted to make contact with Mr. Wood to shift the focus on me. [I] said, hey buddy. Mr. Wood turned towards me and asked who the “f**k” [I] was. [I] told him Trooper Chiesa with the GA State Patrol. He asked me if [I] was American. [I] said yes [I] am. He said, “no, you ain’t.” [I] said born and raised 100%.”. According to the report, Wood was not being honest, the trooper told him he was a pretty nice guy, but he needed him, to be honest with him. Trooper Chiesa reported, “Mr. Wood said [I] could kiss his white a**. [I] asked him how much he had drunk. He said he hadn’t but then said he had but was not driving. He then said eight beers. Wood then started putting his hands in his pocket, attempting to grab something. The trooper immediately advised him not to do that. The trooper attempted to grab him, and he pulled away from advising the trooper he couldn’t do that all. Trooper Chiesa reported, “He appeared tense, aggressive and was moving around in circles. He was extremely intoxicated, belligerent, and seemed to have a lack of reason. [I] felt he was not in a right state of mind and was about to lose control at any moment and put himself or others in harm’s way.” According to the report, the trooper placed Wood under arrest for DUI driving under the influence. Trooper Chiesa reported, “[I] told him he was drunk, having a bad attitude, and [I] was not going to put up with him. [I] told him if he treated me with respect, [I] would treat him with respect. [I] told him if he was going to be an asshole to guess what, [I] was going to be a**hole. He began talking about being a Marine. [I] told him my brother was a veteran, but he doesn’t act like a d**k. [I] told him my brother has respect, honors his country, lives the right way, and doesn’t lie.” According to the report, Wood kept talking or mumbling and said your “f**ked” threatening the trooper. Wood then became extremely belligerent and started to fight while in cuffs attempting to turn around. The trooper had to force him into the back seat while he stated he was being hurt. Trooper Chieseported, “He was screaming, being combative, and cursing. His feet were not yet in the vehicle, and [I] had to attempt to slide him further in the car to get his feet in there. He attempted to try to kick me, and while [I] slid him further in, and then he turned his head and spit blood on my left hand. [I] looked down at my hand, disgusted because that was not the first time that had occurred to me as a Trooper. [I] wiped the blood on his clothes and then used more effort to completely get his feet in the patrol car. [I] then closed the door. Mr. Wood had already told me he had covid.” According to the report, A witness to the crash advised the trooper that she had known Wood for years. She said he had a long background record, including several DUIs. According to the report, Wood then began cursing at the female witness and telling her to leave. He told her he was going to catch her in the woods and crazy stuff. She stated Wood had a DUI a couple of months earlier and stated he had just got out of jail for DUI. ofShe said he hadseven charges. The EMT stated he had been asked if he was a cop and if he was under arrest. The EMT replied no, and Wood said, “so f**k you.” While reading implied consent to Wood, he became very loud and rowdy again. He refused the state test. , While being treated at the hospital, he was very loud and belligerent for hours. Trooper Chiesa reported, “After sobering up, Wood now was apologizing and asking for a chance. [I] told him that is not how things work. He was now begging, asking for a chance, and said he would get help. Wood was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with DUI- driving under the influence of alcohol, felony obstruction of an officer by threat/violence, felony obstruction of an officer by threat/violence, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to maintain lane, wrong side of the road, failure to maintain lane, and driving while license is suspended.