NWGA Scanner | September 3rd, 2021

Dalton man threatens to kill mom during violent domestic, assaults and injures Whitfield County deputies

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on August 30th, 2021, at around 2:10 PM, Deputy Figg, along with Deputy Barnett, was dispatched to an address on Locke Drive in reference to a third party advising a violent physical domestic between David Mendoza, 30, of Dalton, and his mother. According to the report, While in route, dispatch was advising David did not like law enforcement at all and that his mother was now locked in a bedroom to get away from David. When Deputy Figg arrived, he knocked on the door. David came to the door, but instead of opening the door, he made sure the door was locked then went inside the other door shutting and locking it behind him. Lt. O’Mahony responded to the scene and arrived shortly after. Deputy Barnett was able to get the victim to safety through the window. According to the report, The victim stated David had been violently pulling her about the house by her hair. He would also grab her arm, pushing her and poking her about the upper chest area. She also stated David had told her he would kill her and chop her up into little pieces. The victim locked herself and a small infant in a bedroom, keeping David out of the room in fear of her life. According to the report, “Deputy Figg advised Lt O’Mahony he would open the door and would be using less lethal. Lt O’Mahony advised Deputy Barnett he would also be using less lethal and for Deputy Barnett to cover with lethal. Deputy Figg opened the front doors and gained entry into the residence. Deputy Figg could hear movement in a room to the right and behind the kitchen area. Deputy Figg attempted to open the bedroom door, but immediately David shut the door. Deputy Figg reopened the door this time with force.” David came around the door being very aggressive toward deputies. Deputy Figg then deployed his TASER, which had very little effect. According to the report, “David regained his momentum and pushed past Deputy Figg as he was attempting to do a contact tase as the prongs were still active. This did not have an effect at all on David. At this time, Lt. O’Mahony tased David. This TASE also did not have any effect on David. Deputy Figg did attempt to grab David but got caught between the leads and got tased as well. This also happened to Lt. O’Mahony and Deputy Barnett.” David then attempted to exit the door. Deputy Barnett was by the door and tackled David taking him to the floor. Deputy Figg threw his TASER to the side as it had no effect on David and tackled David taking him to the couch where he was able to get on top of him, keeping him pinned on the floor and couch. A violent struggle ensued between David and the deputies. According to the report, “David knocked Deputy Figg’s glasses off his face causing damage to his glasses. While he was doing this, he also caused cuts to Deputy Figg’s nose and ears where the glasses were. David also knocked Lt. O’Mahony’s glasses off his face and did completely break his glasses. David also assaulted Lt. O’Mahony in the face and nose area, causing his nose to bleed as well as causing Lt. O’Mahony to have extreme difficulty breathing through his nose, possibly breaking his nose.” At this time, Deputies were able to get on the radio and call for more units so David could be taken into custody without causing further injury to deputies or to David himself. Deputy Tabellion arrived on the scene as was able to assist with placing David in custody. At this time, EMS was called for officer-involved injuries. Lt. O’Mahony was also cleaned up and was transported to Hamilton Medical Center by Capt. Pangle. David was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, charged with simple battery, false imprisonment, felony obstruction, battery on an officer x3, criminal trespass x2, and aggravated battery.