NWGA Scanner | June 23rd, 2022

Dalton man violently assaults elderly parents during domestic dispute over gun found in his room

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On June 12th, 2022, at 10:58 PM, Deputies Center and Corona were dispatched to an address on Watkins Way in reference to a domestic dispute. Deputy Center arrived and noticed an elderly woman sitting on the ground in front of the steps by the front porch. Deputy Center advised the Whitfield County Dispatch that the scene was secure for Hamilton EMS to come on the scene. Deputy Center immediately notice multiple cuts and blood on multiple parts of the 73-year-old woman’s body. The woman was verbally agonizing over her pain. Deputy Center documented these injuries with his body camera. She stated that her son had come home and just started attacking her and shoved her down the steps. The husband of the woman also stepped outside and had several injuries and cuts. According to the report, “As Deputy Center was walking in the front door into the living room, he noticed the living room was very messy. There was a small end table busted on the ground with one of its legs on the porch, glass shattered from a candy jar, and other miscellaneous items were scattered around the floor.” Deputy Center asked what the fight was over. The 63-year-old victim stated that he had found a gun in his son, later identified as Jobe Luis Vasquez, 24, of Dalton, room. The wife advised him to put the gun up, and they would confront him about it later. According to the report, “During that time, Mr. Jose was asleep but was woken up by his wife and son arguing. Mr. Jose confronted his son, and all three parties began to argue. Jobe told Mr. Jose he was not his real father, and he was a dumb bastard. Jobe threatened to kill his dad and his stepmother. He also told his stepmom she was not his real mother. During the altercation, Mr. Jose advised Jobe put his hands around his wife’s neck. According to the report, Jobe began throwing things and breaking anything in sight. The elderly woman attempted to leave the house but was violently assaulted and shoved down the stairs. Jobe stated he assaulted her because she was getting away from him, and he does not like when people walk away from him during an argument. Jobe also stated he had taken his dad to the ground, and he was delivering “violent blows” to the back of his head. Jobe stated when she tried to leave, he took her phone and threw it so she could not call 911, then proceeded to push her, which resulted in her falling down the steps. Jobe was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, charged with aggravated battery (weapon), aggravated assault (weapon), terroristic threats and acts, criminal trespass (damage of $500 or less), and obstructing an emergency call.